What a difference an approach makes! Officially Bi-laterally bionic!

Hello HipRunners!!!  It has been a while since I posted.  On Friday (8/12) I went in for my second THR, 7 1/2 years to the day I had my first one.  Undiagnosed dysplasia meant my hips were ticking time bombs and in 2015 the right was the first to go.

Due to the horrible condition of my hip and my (relatively) young age of 42, several surgeons declined my case.  I did end up with a dysplasia specialist who used the traditional posterior approach.  My result was fantastic and I have been so pleased with the hip (did a 1/2 a couple of years ago) — But, the recovery process was very very tough and slow, much harder than I had anticipated (I’ve written about it here on earlier HR posts).

Fast forward to 2021 and the time had come to start planning for the left hip – it was done.  Went with a new surgeon who specialized in anterior approach.  While the hip was not as bad as the right it was still fairly challenging.

I knew the anterior approach was an easier recovery; watched the process with my father.  Still, I had no idea how much better the recovery would be!!!  I am 4 days post op and I am MILES ahead of where I was with the posterior.  No heavy meds, just Advil/Tylenol; don’t need walker, sleeping well and feeling strong.  I was so dreading getting the second hip done because of the long recovery road the first time.

I know the recovery is a process and I will be patient (I will try!) but I am just so encouraged by my progress at this point had to share with my fellow HipRunners!  I know everyone’s experience with each type of approach is different and there are pros and cons to each, but as someone who has now had both approaches just wanted to throw my two cents out there.

Fellow HipRunners, anyone else done both approaches and have any other comments or experiences?  Is this a fluke?  Am I lucky?

Keep on Keepin’ on everyone!

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2 1/2 years post THR

2 1/2 years ago today I was at the hospital, getting my new hip — just a week shy of my 43rd birthday.  A million thoughts went through my mind, but mostly: Am I making a mistake?  Do I really need something so drastic at a relatively young age?  What if I am worse than before?

This morning, I woke after a restful, pain-free sleep and went on a long walk down the beach — turning around to head home only because I wanted to, not because of pain.  Getting my hip done was the best choice I’ve ever made for my overall health, happiness and well being.

For the HipRunners-to-be that are contemplating the surgery — believe there is a life without pain out there for you!  For all the existing HipRunners, the last two and half years have taught me many things — But mainly:

  1. Give yourself a break; you’re only human
  2. Listen to your body — you know it best
  3. Patience is a virtue, even if it’s hard as hell to endure
  4. The feeling of strength and ability is worth all the headache of the recovery process

Keep rockin’ on HipRunners and here’s to more adventures for us all!

— Aimee.

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Happy Friday HipRunners!  Hope everyone is having a good spring so far.  Just a quick post to say how grateful I am for this community — to see everyone’s amazing progress, hear their stories and continue to be inspired by the power of perseverance.

This morning I went for a nice long walk on my favorite beach…And thought about no matter whether or not I ever do another distance race, or even a run around my neighborhood, I am extremely grateful for the ability to open the door and go for a walk, anywhere I want, for as long as I want…simply because I can.  🙂

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2 year update

Hi HipRunners!  2 days ago was my 2 year anniversary of my right THR — Can’t believe it has already been 2 years!  I am getting to the point where I don’t think about the hip really at all — now it’s a constant battle to keep other parts of my body healthy of course.   About 2 weeks ago I wrenched my back horribly working out (of course!) and was flat on my back for almost a week, taking muscle relaxants for the first time in my life — even recovery from my THR didn’t hurt like this — I was immobile!


Anyway, after a week of rest, heat, stretching and the relaxants, I seem to be on the mend — thank goodness!  Now, just to get to 100% and continue on my HipRunner adventures.


To all the HipRunners out there — keep on keepin’ on!

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18 month check in and PT tune up

Tomorrow (Friday) is my 18 month mark since my THR — And I have to say the results have been beyond my wildest expectations!  So happy to have found this community as well to share the journey and discuss the concept of even thinking about getting back into running — so many of my non-running friends just don’t get it. 🙂

I’ve been noticing some residual discomfort on my surgical side at the hip flexor and some pain around the back of the hip — I was starting to get worried that either I was having a leg length problem (about 1/4 inch off) or I had somehow damaged the hip!

At the encouragement of my regular doc at my annual checkup (the same doc who told me over 10 years ago to go see an orthopedist for my dysplasia!) — I decided to schedule a checkup with my PT team that assisted me through the recovery.  I really didn’t want to hear I was having some sort of issue that would send me back to the orthopedist’s office.

After a thorough evaluation he determined my pain was from three things:  One, glutes that weren’t firing properly, making the hip feel weak and hip flexors work harder, tendonitis on my surgical side (which I had not even noticed until he had me touch each hip simultaneously and I couldn’t believe how tender and swollen I was!) and tight muscles across the lower back and periformus.  Whew!

After even just one session of proper massage and release work and some very simple bridge exercises to get those glutes firing, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt and how much less weak the hip felt!

I’m going to go back a couple times a week for a few weeks for more massage and release work and follow a regiment of glute-firing exercises and an icing routine for a couple of weeks to get back to where I want to be.

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A HipRunner Hits the Rock N Roll Half in San Diego

Hi HipRunners!  I am very happy to report that almost exactly 16 months to the day to my THR, I completed the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in San Diego!  My last half was in 2010 on a completely flat course and finished in 2:10 — Today’s run had a few more hills/ups and downs, and am very happy that I finished in 2:12!

IMG_2524 I was smiling almost the whole way (even through the pain that comes from running for 2 hours) and the fatigue as I was just so grateful to be out there again!  I think I’m probably retired from distance running (have done many full and half races prior), but I really wanted to just push myself to see if I could do it.  Happily the hip actually felt amazing; the only pain was some lingering tightness in the back and psoas as the body continues to adjust to its new alignment!IMG_2533

So all the HipRunners out there, you CAN do it!  Just have patience in the recovery process, listen to your PT team and your body, and it can be done!!!

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Feeling really like a ‘runner’ again

So I’ve decided (I think) to do the Rock N Roll Half Marathon here in San Diego June 5.  I’ve been upping my mileage and today I went out for 7.  Felt super strong and as I ripped open my pack of Gu halfway through the run (to get back into the habit of eating during a run) — I had flashbacks of races past and really started to feel like a runner again.  Anyone else have this experience?  I know I’ve been doing training workouts and some 5-6 milers, but there’s something about knowing you have to think about fuel out there that just feels more raw.

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365 Days

HipReplacementAnniversaryHIkeThis past week marked my official one-year mark since my THR.  I remember waking up in the hospital the day after my surgery, unsure what the road ahead would hold and if I made the right decision getting a hip replacement at age 42.

One year later, my recovery is beyond my expectations and I am so grateful and happy for everything back in my life — Running, Walking, Hiking, Yoga, sleeping comfortably and most importantly…Being able to travel pain free.

To celebrate my hip-aversay, I went for a nice long hike all around beautiful Torrey Pines Preserve here in San Diego — Lots of hills/stone steps and gorgeous views all around.

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Well, I did it! 2.2 miles, first outing

8 months post surgery, and feeling so good and strong, this morning I decided to try to run.  I’ve been working out almost every day and building my cardio back up, but really wanted to stretch those legs….

This morning at the gym, after I did about 30 minutes on the bike, I wasn’t tired and really felt the treadmill calling.  So, I ventured over and fired it up.  I thought I would go maybe half a mile.  Maybe at a 5 MPH pace — very slow.  Started at 5 MPH, felt fine — bumped it up to 5.5.  Went about 3/4 of a mile and felt stiff but good.  No hip pain, just tight and awkward.  At about the one mile mark, was starting to loosen up.  Upped it to 6 MPH.

Spent the next mile opening up, feeling that familiar rhythm come back.  Could not stop smiling; I’m sure the people around me thought I was nuts.  Towards the end of mile 2, was up to about 6.2 MPH and then ended up finishing the last .2 bumping up to 6.5.  Felt amazing.  I could have done more, but didn’t want to push it.

We’ll see how I feel later today but I am so blown away.  I could feel my muscles really loosening up and I got a release I haven’t had with any of the other exercises (bike, hiking, elliptical, etc.).

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Took the hip out for an international workout and it passed with flying colors!

Hi all!  Been offline for a while — just got back from a trip overseas spending several weeks in Turkey, Greece and Germany…Happy to report now at 7 months post THR I feel amazing!  Was walking/hiking 6-8 miles a day, no problem at all!  Scar is fading fast and really the only things I deal with are some tightness — mostly continually trying to release the really tight IT band/psoas muscle areas that were so tight from years of over compensation.

I’m so grateful for the ability to walk/hike/travel/sit without pain I’m not sure I will try running again, but I love this community and everyone’s positive feedback!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

4 months post THR and gave the hip a real workout!

Hi all!  So last week was my 4 month mark for my THR.  I’ve been doing a lot of walking/cycling/exercising but wanted to really take it for a test spin.   Earlier this week I was up in Oregon with my sister and we decided to do some hiking along the PCT near Mt. Hood.  We hiked about 2 1/2 hours through some pretty tough up and down inclines and varied terrain.  Happy to report hip made it with flying colors — Even after already spending 3 days prior heavily walking around Seattle and working at the Rock N Roll marathon with one of the charities involved.

Super tempted to try running now but I have a big international trip coming up in about 6 weeks and don’t want to risk not being able to walk everywhere, so will hold off on trying to get back into running until after I’m back in San Diego.

For the new Hip Runners out there — it does get better!!!!

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Adding on the miles….walking, but happy!

Hi all!  I am 13 weeks post THR and happy to report I’ve been able to increase my training/walking/strength work each week.  The knee/IT band pain I have had is now subsiding and almost gone as my leg gets used to the new orientation in the hip.

Yesterday I took the new hip out for a good test — did the annual Coronado Bay Bridge Run/Walk where you get to actually go over the bridge (never open to pedestrians!) — It is a great opportunity to get a truly magical view of San Diego and have done it once before, years ago when I ran it.

This year was a walking year but super happy to report that I did around 6 miles yesterday with no problems!  Walk itself was 4 miles then did some walking both before and after.

I remain impressed with everyone’s running stories and am feeling the urge!  Not quite there yet and haven’t actually decided if I want to go back into it or not, but I feel the strength and stability in my hip increasing each day and it’s super encouraging.

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‘Graduating’ from PT

Today was the end of my official PT — Tomorrow is 12 weeks post THR — Going in to see my surgeon next week for a checkup.  I find myself melancholy.  Although I am very happy with my progress, I am sad to leave the supportive group I’ve come to enjoy greatly at my physical therapy office.  The team worked to help alleviate my pains, work out the massive kinks, get me moving and strong again.  I’m so thankful that my body has the ability to heal and grateful at how much I can already do — Easily walk 3-4 miles, ride bike hard for 40 min, weights and some yoga.

I’m excited to see what the next 12 weeks have to offer and I guess I’m a little scared since it’s all up to me!  No PT staff pushing me  😉

The only question I want to follow up with my ortho next week is the leg length issue.  I can feel the surgical leg is still longer than the other and causing some knee/IT band pain.  I know it takes a long time to settle down; wondering if any other hip runners can share their experiences/timelines with this issue?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

10 weeks post THR and feeling strong!

Hi all!  So today is my 10 week mark — have my official 12-week checkup in a little over 2 weeks from now and amazed at the progress made just in the last few weeks.  Minor swelling but all bruising is gone, no more tenderness and incision looks better each day.

Each week I am pushing myself more with physical activity — I’m now up to 30 minutes at a good clip on the exercise bike, plus then another 10 – 15  minutes on the treadmill walking briskly uphill at 10% incline.  My biggest goal is to get my cardio strength back to where it was and continue to build strength.  I can now do leg presses/leg extensions with increasing amount of weight, and weighted leg raises.

My hip itself still feels a little weak — Anyone have any good hip strengthening  exercises they would recommend?

This last week after a good workout I found myself tempted to think about trying to jog on the treadmill….Not ready to try, but thought about it!

To any Hip Runners out there doing the La Jolla Half Marathon this weekend, good luck!  The course starts right by my house so plan to be out on highway 101 cheering everyone on!  Jealous as all get out of course.  🙂… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Oh Advil, I forgot how amazing you truly are….

Hi all!  I am 8 weeks post THR and feel like I have really turned a corner.  They’re not joking when they say ‘you’ll feel much better at 6 weeks’ — It was literally 6 weeks on the dot and I woke up feeling considerably better.

My overall pain is WAY down, bruising is gone, swelling is subsiding and PT is moving along really well — Just focusing on correcting all the bad alignments/compensation issues that plagued me for years before the surgery — it’s amazing how many muscles are super-tight, over worked and out of whack!  Now it’s time to whip all those into shape.

I’ve been increasing my cardio activity and strength training and can now easily do 25 minutes on the bike at a pretty good clip.  I walked yesterday for a full hour solid without stopping — My leg is a little swollen today but I didn’t feel like I needed to stop during the walk so that’s huge!

My favorite milestone is I get to take Advil again!  My doc didn’t want any ibuprofen for the first 8 weeks to minimize anything interfering with bone growth.  I had given up the tylenol almost two weeks ago as it really did nothing.

My pain hadn’t been too bad and it’s not like I felt like I couldn’t function without medication, but I wanted to kick this last bout of pain to the curb and also really focus on getting rid of the swelling and inflammation.  Yesterday after my walk I took my first advil in 2 months and I was literally in awe at truly how amazing it works at targeting joint pain and stiffness.  You forget how well something so simple works.

Now, I am focusing on getting my cardio back up each and every day and working on strength moves.  Can’t wait to see how good I’ll feel at my 3 – month checkup in another 4 weeks!   Cheers all!!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Thank you everyone for the feedback and encouragement!

Hi all!  Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you so much for the posts/feedback and messages about my progress at the 6-week mark — It’s great to hear from others that things will get better.  I guess I had some kind of notion that at 6 weeks I would be pretty darn close to perfect and I know that’s not realistic.  😉

I am excited to see how the next 6 weeks of healing go and my body is able to do more and more.  Thanks again!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)