4 months post-THR

I’m a little over 4 months post-surgery now and just returned from something that would have been impossible before THR– spent 3 weeks working, walking, and biking in Europe, mentally thanking my surgeon with every pain-free step. But I’m not getting much good physical therapy– my insurance doesn’t cover much and the PTs they sent me to didn’t seem to have very ambitious goals– much more focused on helping people walk than on returning athletes to their endeavors. And my doc has no plans to see me again or check anything unless there’s a problem. Anybody else have experience with this kind of hands-off care? I’ve collected lots of exercises to do at the gym and at home, but wish I had a little supervision, especially because it is my plan to return to my (over 40 low key) women’s soccer league eventually. I’ve been running a little bit (2 miles at a clip easily with only a little hip fatigue) and biking a lot but don’t really know how hard to push.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Kathy D– 7 weeks post-surgery

So glad to have found this site a month or so before my Dec 11 2014 surgery! I am a runner, rollerblader, cyclist, and soccer player.  Went through the typical cycle (I must have bursitis. I must have a groin pull. I must have a torn labrum. Aaaackkkk– I have severe arthritis!) over 2 years, then another year of chiropractic/accupuncture/supplements/physical therapy/steroid shots, everything but voodoo to try to improve on pain and mobility. Took a long time to face the thought of hip replacement surgery at 54 but when I could no longer walk 10 yards without pain, and couldn’t stop thinking about it even on the soccer field, my usual place of utter escape, I scheduled it.  I had posterior “minimally invasive” surgery with one 5 inch and one one inch incision, titanium parts, high tech plastic liner.   The first two weeks were much rougher than I expected in terms of muscle pain, and during them I couldn’t bear to go on this site!  But cane was gone as of day 8 or so, and on day 14, I turned a corner: post-surgery pain was gone, limp all but gone.  No problem returning to teaching at the end of the winter break.  Now I am aggressively doing the PT exercises and stretches, walking tons including a one hour “hike” (flat ground) recently, riding a recumbent exercise bike most days for 20 minutes on low tension, and champing at the bit to start really biking and get a timetable for running.  My doc says I can eventually return to everything, even including soccer (in my older women’s league, not exactly the World Cup). I haven’t seen anything anywhere about anyone playing soccer after THR– has anybody?  Any how soon do people return to riding real bikes? I don’t have a clear idea about whether the real danger is dislocation or tearing something from falling, or what.  Thanks, all!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)