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I been a runner for close to 10 years and played various sports, including a mens flag football league, for 20+ years. I had hip pain starting about 5 years prior, at first only when I ran, then throughout every day, although once I got 1-2 miles into my run the pain went away. I kept running even though my PCP took x-rays and said I had to stop. Finally the pain wouldn’t go away at any point of running and I was regularly waking up at night in terrible pain.

I had my replacement in May 2014 and started off very strong, getting released from the hospital the day after my operation (and winning a bet from my PCP that it wasn’t possible!). Then recovery went slow, even though I ditched the cane after 2 weeks I felt like I’d never be able to run again. Certain simple movements still bothered me, such as standing up from a sitting position – I’d have to pause a moment to let my hip seemingly “settle” into position. But I’ve been doing 7 mile workouts on the elliptical and today did 1.5 miles jogging on the treadmill.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get to where I was before with running, but I’d like to work in some 5k’s this year. I do worry about wearing it out – at my age (45) I don’t want to kill this thing in 20 years and have to face a 2nd operation.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)