Smart Watch – help please

Hi hip runners,

I am after a smart watch (or something similar) that will accurately record distances run.

The one I purchased is inaccurate, so no good.

I live in Wales, so ideally I would like to purchase something from the UK.

I find a mobile phone a bit cumbersome and something on my wrist would suit.

Ideally something basic that is reasonably priced – I don’t want to be paying hundreds of pounds.

If anyone can provide a name/model (or link) of anything tried and trusted (or knows someone they can ask) I would be grateful.


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THR = Running – Surgeons Response

Hi All,

Following my earlier “Bluebirds” post I have gone back to my surgeon to seek further advice on the possibility of  running again following my THR in January 2021.

Below is my surgeon’s response (in italics), which is pretty conclusive;-

(I have highlighted in bold 2 parts which I feel are quite defining)

I would welcome any further comments/responses from anyone (especially from Petemeads / Coddfish / Cityofsmokingjoe who have kindly posted previously on my earlier thread) as this has left me very disappointed and dis-heartened.




I have taken a few days to examine the evidence and also speak with some respected experienced hip replacement colleagues regarding running after hip replacement.

Unfortunately, as discussed with you before surgery, it is not something we can encourage. The hip replacement mechanism is not designed to withstand the repeated axial loading that the running action will create. The materials are not tested to be resilient to that action and there is severe risk of reducing the lifespan of the replacement or what is more likely is causing a sudden failure such as fracture of the stem or cracking/fracture of the polyethylene liner or ceramic head or even dislodgement of the socket in the pelvis. The materials used in your hip are a ceramic on polyethylene bearing, an uncemented socket and a cemented stem. However, there would be no brand or type of fixation that would be advisable to run on regularly. That is not to say that some patients do run on their hip replacement, in fact it looks like about 10% of previous runners return to running but that is very much at their peril I would say.

 The implants are only really tested for back and forward rotational cycles on the hip articulation rather than a pounding, loading action similar to running.

 We have seen examples of the fracture of ceramic heads, fracture of the plastic liner or dislodgement of the socket in the pelvis from non-running injuries. These type of failures cannot be monitored with yearly x-rays as they occur as a sudden, unpredictable event. In (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Left THR Posterior Approach

Hi All,

Following reading the e-mails from many of you I am after some much sought advice.

As a bit of background;-

I got diagnosed with arthritis in the hip 3 years ago. I am / was a keen runner. My interest was largely Parkrun (5k) and 10k races. I did my last half marathon nearly 3 years ago.

Since being diagnosed my left hip got steadily worse and my mileage reduced as the pain increased, leading me to run less than a couple of miles at a time 12 months ago. I finally relented and went private in the UK (got fed up waiting for the NHS…still waiting now) and bit the bullet and had a left THR (posterior approach) in January 2021.

The operation itself has been very successful and I am pain free!

My surgeon advised me at the time my running days were over and I should look for an alternative…..which I have tried.

I have done all the necessary physio, walked up to 10 miles, swam etc. – however if I am honest nothing has really grabbed me. Also as time has gone by, I feel like I can run and I am contemplating making contact with my surgeon again – to ask him the same question “can I run?”.

However I am sure I will have the same answer!

The main reasons for e-mailing on “hiprunner” is that I don’t feel I asked the surgeon the appropriate questions at the time:-

  • Was cement used and if so can you run with a cement used mechanism? (I don’t think it was?)
  • What make of mechanism did you use – can you run with this mechanism?
  • Is it just a case if I run – the mechanism / could / would wear out?
  • Can you run after having the posterior THR?

I am a 53 year old male and would like to run 10k’s and 5k’s in the future, so nothing too demanding.

My right hip is now slightly pinching but no way as bad as my left hip. However I do envisage having to have … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)