Starting my Journey

Hi everyone

I had my THR on the 1st of November: a posterior DSA approach (so no muscles cut). Somehow my surgeon jammed a dual motion system in with cementless ceramic.   I’ve had a stunning recovery, managing 5 km a day cross-country at a fair clip for most days for the last week with just poles having built up gently over the previous few weeks.

I’m late 50’s, and used to run a bit a few years ago, before I had some gout problems. In fact it was a combination of shovelling a few tonnes of soil around my back yard and trying to restart running post controlling the gout that exposed my hip problem …

Saw my surgeon today. Clear to do anything that doesn’t hurt, and if it does hurt, I can do it when my physio says I can …  reckons I can consider running from after four months.

I don’t know whether I will get back to running, but I am excited at  the thought. This group of people may be the encouragement I need!



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