Restarting running after hip surgery

On 7th September 21 I had my right hip replaced at age 64. Osteoarthritis on top of some earlier damage, usual story of declining mobility. I had only started running in 2015 and will never be a good runner, but had found it life affirming. Almost the first question to the consultant was “will I be able to run ago”. Very grateful that whilst there were various qualifications along the lines of don’t make it the first thing you do, and mix up your training so it’s not the only thing you do, he was supportive. I became the proud owner of an uncemented Smith & Nephew Polar 3 system through a posterior approach. The UK National Joint Registry categorises it as metal on plastic, but the femoral head is made of Oxinium, zirconium oxidised to a very high temperature to ceramicise the metal. My recovery from the operation was smooth and easy, leaving me feeling pretty well fully recovered at 3 months.

I had formed a view I should probably leave running for 4-6 months to give the bone plenty of time to grow into the implant. However, when everything feels great, it’s pretty hard to stop yourself. A couple of weeks or so ago, I went out dressed in running kit and running shoes. I hadn’t consciously intended to run, but have to wonder at my choice of attire. But I felt great so I tried running 10 steps on each foot. Felt great so tried 20. Then 30. Then 40. Then a minute, and so on. All was well so a few days later tried the simple run/walk of week 1 of Couch to 5k on a treadmill. All was well so repeated on trail. All was well so repeated on our tarmac and paving seafront promenade.

I intend building back slowly and carefully. It’s fantastic to be able to run, the wonders of modern hip replacements. Season’s greetings to all and happy running.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Janice (Coddfish) – about me

Hello, I am a new member.

I am a mid 60s female living on the south coast of England, professional / office based background, retired. My running career is relatively recent – started in 2015 with C25K to manage my health, including what was then a rather stiff right hip. Progressed to the point where I became a bit of a parkrun addict, doing quite a lot of parkrun tourism, plus the odd 10k event and the 10 mile Great South Run in 2017 and 2019. Never going to be a great runner, never a fast runner, but it helped keep me healthy and was something I enjoyed. I am also a regular swimmer and gym goer (weights mainly, also aqua classes).

During the 2020 England lockdown, my running deteriorated and my hip stiffness increased. With most access to healthcare difficult, I put it down to not being able to swim and carried on. My sister in law said it looked like I needed a new hip but I wasn’t ready to go down that route. Sure enough, when I was able to get back in the pool and gym, things improved a bit but I couldn’t get my running distance past 7k. With the 2nd main lockdown in early 2021, I started to deteriorate again. At Easter, I thought I had pulled my hamstring, and when it didn’t seem to get better, went to see a physio. Physio took one look, said it was my hip and that it would likely need to be replaced. A few days later I saw the consultant he recommended privately, and went on his self-pay list (NHS waiting list currently about 2 years) for a total right hip replacement. Haven’t run since Easter but I have been able to continue swimming and upper body gym work, although my walking had deteriorated to less than a kilometre at a stretch by the time of surgery.  Clearly I caught this just in time

I had my operation on 7th September. Operation was through a single vertical incision on my right side / thigh, shaped a … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)