Almost 3 months post op. THR (right hip 1/22/2021)

Hi All,

I can’t begin to tell you how great it is to see this community.  It is an inspiration that  many of you were able to get back into running. I love running! Like many of you, I have run multiple marathons, halves, and a couple half ironmans. I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia last October and was so discouraged.  I am thrilled and fearful of starting  back up again.  I see that many of you have even gotten faster! That’s so awesome. Right now, I’ve been walking on the tread and around the neighborhood, picking up the intensity on the stationary bike. AND working on athletic PT.  From what I read here, the docs prognosis is the same all around. PT encourages swimming or speed walking?  It just isn’t the same. How did you guys work through the fear to get back up and running again? Do you guys have recommendations?

How long did you wait? Some folks here started at 4 months? I haven’t made it through all the posts yet.


Thanks so much for your insight!

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