Hello, my name is John and I’m a runner….

Hello fellow implantees (is that a word?)

Basic stuff first.

Male, 53, runner/orienteer, THR right hip, 2nd Aug ’21, anterior, Ceramic on Polyethelene, uncemented…

Always “sporty” but have a tired (and doubly operated) right knee, which probably exposed the hip over the many years of sporting abuse I dished out on my limbs….

I suffered for about 5 years, until this January (21) I physically could not take a running step without pain any longer

Degradation was slow, range of moment reduced, muscles weakened, pain set in.  In the end a simple x-ray confirmed the finality of the situation…

Operation.  Very experianced Surgeon (~100 replacements a year).  Not a fan of running post replacement (I did not seek his opinion on this — I just stated the fact that I would run again).  Spinal anaesthetic, so quick recovery, although due to complications had to spend 4 nights in hospital.

Recovery has been amazing.  Way less pain than I had expected, daily noticable improvement.

Spent 4 weeks on 2 crutches, 2 more weeks on 1 crutch and now crutch free for a week.

Messed up with physio, so a little behind on recovery, but feeling better every day (and I have a great physio now)

Managed a 3.5 mile orienteering course last Saturday, so a lovely brisk walk in parkland, with a walking pole in case I tired.

I have no plans about when and if I will run again (I will) but my plan is simple.

I want to orienteer once or twice a week.  That’s the only running I want to do.  The rest of my exercising will be in the gym, strenghtening, classes, swimming and cycling (indoor and out).  Hope that will get me strong enough to protect the implant as well as possible.

Its been great to read so many varied stories here, gives me great hope for the future!



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