3 months in and needing advice

Hey fellow Hipsters, and hi from Sydney. Really enjoy reading and learning from all your posts. I’m 55 and had a THR on left hip (posterior) just over 3 months ago (mid Jan). All went well, good recovery, have been doing around 5-6 miles of walking most days for the past couple of months, plus a bit of cycling. Tried some gentle running a few weeks ago, and was fine while running but felt sore for a few days after so have backed off for the time being. Started a (gentle) yoga class a couple of weeks ago. Couple of things – how do you know when you’re ready to start running again? My hope is to to run half-marathons again. Also, it feels like my recovery has plateaued. Still feels quite stiff at times, and I get pain disrupts that my sleep (think when I roll on to my side).  Is this normal for this stage? Any thoughts and advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Robbie… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)