7 Weeks Post-op – Anyone prescribed Celebrex?

I’m 7 weeks post-op THR right anterior approach. I’ve been processing nicely walking 30-4o minutes 2-3x a day (approx. 3-4 miles). I’ve also been swimming 2-3 times a week (freestyle using a swim buoy) and extremely light spinning on the bike for 10-15 minutes at a time. I add the swim or bike every other day so as not to over do it. About 4 days ago I stopped taking the Aspirin and Celebrex (NSAID ant-inflammatory) prescribed by my surgeon (45 day prescription). Since then I have had some stiffness/soreness in the quad (right where the stitches were) as well as a twinge in the groin area. Anyone experience this after stopping any meds prescribed by their surgeon?

Obviously, the logical thinking here is that the meds were providing anti-inflammatory characteristics and once I stopped the pain/tighness ratcheted up a bit. Just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience? I was advised by the PT to back off the bike and limit walks to 20 minutes for a few days to see if it resolves.


Thanks for your input,
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To hell with OA – THR tomorrow

Hi all,

Tomorrow is the big day – having my right hip replaced. It’s been 6 years since the doc dropped the OA bomb on me after a bout of undiagnosed groin pain. Who knew that your bones don’t last forever  . . . right? So here I am at the age of 50 ready to have my femur lopped off and replaced with a ceramic ball and cross linked poly cup (CoP for those in the know). Do I have apprehensions . . .am I nervous . . . hell yeah. Who wouldn’t? Do I want to continue limping through my runs, wincing in pain every time I get up from a chair or holding on to a railing so my hip doesn’t give way while I ascend the stairs? ummmmm . . .Nope! It’s time to move on and accept the next chapter.

As an ultra runner I equate so many things in life to reaching the next aid station. Sometimes its close (5 miles) and sometimes its a lot further (10-15 miles). Either way if you put your head down, find that rhythm, and keep moving you’ll get there. I guess that’s how I plan to approach this surgery and my respective recovery. There will be a lot of aid stations. I may get to some sooner than others – but – I’ll get there. Do I plan on running my road marathon pace – nope! This is a slow and steady effort. Lots of good old uneven dirt ahead. Do I plan on running in the next 6-9 months – nope! I plan to let the hardware fuse with my bone. Aseptic loosening and acetabular failure doesn’t sound like the best approach. So, one slow step at a time. I’ll stick to the pool, bike and elliptical in the meantime.

If anyone has any thoughts on their first 2 weeks of recovery on what worked or didn’t in terms of stretching, walking, strengthening, I’m all ears. This is such a great collective group I’m guessing a few of you have some thoughts on the matter. I’ll … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

When is the right time for THR?

Hi All,

My name is Brent and I’ve been visiting this site for over 5 years now ever since I was first diagnosed in Aug 2015 with Stage 2 osteoarthritis in my right hip. Thanks to Brother Tom for his inspiration and foresight to create this forum. I recently turned 50 and like so many in this community I’ve chalked up my fair share of marathons and ultras. No need to be specific except to convey that I love the dirt, endorphins and sense of freedom running provides.

Here’s the scoop – I finally set a surgery date for March 23rd. Honestly, I still don’t feel 100 percent that I’m ready. I guess does anyone really feel ready to have their femur lopped off? At this point I’ve been steadily going down hill the past 4 months. I have been running 18 – 24 miles a week but literally grimacing through the pain. And yes, like everyone else the pain shifts from the hip, to the butt, to referred lower leg pain. My off days I bike or use the elliptical and that still produces some discomfort, but, nothing compared to running. Long story short – I crave the need to get my heart pumping daily. My concern is that it has grown increasingly more painful to flip over in bed at night and deal with the referred leg pain during my daily routines. Ironically, some days are just fine – others painful and full of limping.

So herein lies my conundrum. Do I hold off doing the surgery until I can’t run anymore and am down to biking, elliptical and short walks? That sounds depressing or do I be somewhat preemptive and stick to my surgical date? I fully realize it will be months before I will even consider running again until the implant has properly fused with my femur. I know I will go back to running regardless. I’m just curious to know from anyone how they knew it was the right time?

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