Am I running to soon?

Hey everybody, I’ve posted here a few times regarding my hip surgery. Just a recap, I had anterior THA of my left hip in February. I’ve been doing walks of up to 5 miles starting around week 8 of recovery in between physical therapy 3 days a week. At week nine I began doing 3o second jogs with 5 minute walks for 4 miles 2 to 3 days a week. I have no “hip pain” to speak of, just mild muscle soreness related to not having ran in the last 7 months. Last week the beginning of week 10 I stepped it up to 2 minutes of slow running (11:00-12:00 pace) followed with 2 minutes of walking, then I went to running flats and downhills at 9:30-11:00 pace and walking all of the up hills as rests for 5 miles. I’m still mixing in the 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off workouts with my running flats and downhills runs and even on those runs when I feel overly fatigued I’ll stop running and walk it out until I recover. Aside for muscle soreness to lack of conditioning I’ve had no aches or pains coming from the area around the prosthetic. I know we all know our bodies bests, but generally speaking from a clinical standpoint, am I pushing it to soon? I’ve shortened up my stride to more of a mid foot strike during my run segments, I run in Brooks Glycerins (the 19’s are amazing) for all of my slow or rest day running and they work really well here as well. I just hope that I’m not pushing it to soon, I have my 12 week evaluation May 11th hopefully all will be cleared up then to return to full activity.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Two weeks Post Surgery

Well folks the two week post op timeline has come and gone with great news and progress. I’m able to walk around crutch free, though I still use the crutches outside for stability since we are buried in snow. Getting up and down the stairs is still a real challenge since I’ve lost so much strength in my quad, I tried to walk up the stairs unaided and after the third step I thought my leg was going to fold under me. My PT is really happy with my mobility and hip flexion AROM. I’m pain free for the first time in two and a half years, though I am still very tight and sore from the surgery, but surgery sore is so much better that injury pain! I am still doing my isometrics three times a day and yesterday I was cleared to go for short walks (less than a mile) on non PT days. We are very careful up here since there is no clean place to walk, this is interior Alaska and we are buried in snow, the roads are icy and the trails are uneven and very soft for this type of rehab, but perfect for cross country skiing! God I miss skiing already! I’m packing the hip in ice after every PT appointment and after my walks to help reduce the inflammation, not to mention it just feels really good! Yesterday at my PT we removed the bandages and inspected the incision. It looked amazing, healing really well and no sign of infection, yay! Moving on!

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Week One

Well folks last Monday the 15th I had my Anterior THA surgery, it was quite the adventure to say the least. I don’t remember coming out of the anesthesia but about an hour after surgery I was awake and they had me out of the bed with a walker shuffling to the bathroom and a short walk down the hall. Most of the time all I’ve been doing is sleeping, still not eating very much but my appetite is slowly returning. I flew back to Fairbanks from Anchorage Wednesday and flying right after surgery sucks! If I knew how miserable I would have been I would have waited a couple of day longer. The pain is fading quickly, I stopped taking the Oxycodone yesterday morning and have been using only Tramadol for pain. I’m walking or doing isometrics every hour. At times I feel like I’m not getting anywhere and then all of a sudden I can do something new! I’ll be using the walker this week and move on to crutches next week, though I have been using the crutches occasionally for ease and function, but they’re not as stable as the walker. with all the snow and ice outside I’ll probably stick to the walker outside and practice more with the crutches inside. I have my first full on PT appointment this morning, yay! Moving forward!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Hip Surgery Vlog

So I have posted here several times about my upcoming surgery but I’ll remind those that haven’t read them, that I have Anterior THA surgery on Monday the 15th using titanium/ceramic/polyethylene. I started a vlog series on my YouTube channel called “Hip Life” that follows me through the entire process from diagnosis, through the presurgery check-ups/process and will go through surgery and follow me through rehab , PT and recovery. If Brother Tom will allow me to share the link here for people who would like to watch my progress and get ideas about what their surgery experience will be and for those that have gone through the surgery themselves and care to comment or offer advice of their own for me. Thanks!

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Surgery Date

This week I travelled down to Anchorage to meet with my Dr who will be performing my total hip replacement surgery and I got a date, February 15th! My official diagnosis is Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI), I have excess bone formed on the edge of my femoral head that has completely worn down the cartilage in the socket which is now bone on bone. He will be performing an anterior surgery using Ceramic/plastic as well as a pressed in knit stem in the femur. This type of stem is not cemented in place but is pressed and allows the bone to grow into the stem. We had a lengthy conversation regarding materials and considering my desire to return to running this was the best choice. Now I have a little over a month to get ready for the surgery and post surgery. One thought is how to prehab?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

New Member

Hi everybody, I’m Chris and new here. A couple of weeks ago (three?) I went in to a local sports med Dr (He is quite good)to have to my left hip examined because of extreme pain, he diagnosed me with hip dysplasia and told me I needed THR surgery. The X-rays were all the evidence I needed, nearly all of the cartilage in my left hip is gone and the bleach white of my bones showed the obvious contact points of the femur ball contacting lower down on my pelvis toward the pubic. I am an ultra runner, I’ve been running most of my life with the usual gaps of disinterest when I would become involved in other sports like, rock climbing, mountain climbing, ice climbing etc. I returned to running in 2014 and found a life in the ultra running scene in 2016. I’ve since ran in a slough of ultra’s from 50k up to 100 miles.

Last year in October of 2019 I was running in the Javelina Jundred 100 mile trail race about 50 miles in I began having hip pain, grinding, aching debilitating hip pain. Pain was shooting down my leg to my knee. I was slowed to a speed walk and by the time I reached 80 miles I had missed the final time cutoff and dropped from the race. I took the winter off thinking I could recover with rest. It did help and when covid struck I found myself out of work and my health insurance at risk of not getting paid I decided to forgo the Dr appointment, my hip felt ok again, no rush. I ran through spring and summer and the pain gradually returned, after my longer runs over 20 miles I would have to be inactive for a couple of days afterwards until the pain subsided and run again.

This process came to a head in early September, I couldn’t handle the pain any more and stopped running. Finally I got off my butt and went and saw a Dr, and now you are all caught up. I’m going … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)