15 Months Post Op

Hello Everyone,

It’s now 15 months since I had my THR in October 2020, and I thought it was time to let you know how I’m doing. Here’s my 1-minute back story: I broke my hip in a bicycle accident in 2019. It was repaired with screws, and for a time it seemed to be fine. But I got avascular necrosis in less than a year and needed a hip replacement. I have a dual mobility hip, posterior, uncemented.

I went back to PT last summer, 7 months post op, because I still couldn’t run, and my operated leg was weaker than my normal leg. It was time and money well spent; I made a lot of progress. I started a run/walk program about a year after surgery. On Thanksgiving Day, I walked and ran the Manchester Road Race. I ran 11 minutes (in segments) and walked the rest. I was thrilled, because it was the first time since I broke my hip that I was able to do any running at all in race. I continue to progress slowly with the run/walk program. My PT told me that it would take longer than I ever dreamed to regain full strength, and he was right. I am content with the slow pace. My surgeon told me firmly that I’d have to stop running, so any amount of running I can do feels like a gift. I am looking at a Quarter Marathon in April. The event organizers have told me that the course will be open until the last person finishes. I don’t expect to be able to run all of it; whatever combination of running and walking I am able to do at that time will be fine.

I wish I knew why recovery is taking so long. Is it because I had 2 surgeries on the same site a year apart? Is it because of my huge 8-inch incision? Is it because this is a big surgery? Or is it just that I’m 62 and not a natural athlete? My strengths are self-discipline and tenacity, not talent. Whatever, … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Quarter Marathon (walk)

Well, we did it.

My partner and I walked a virtual Quarter Marathon yesterday. It took us over 2 hours, but that’s OK. It was a beautiful sunny day and it gave us more time to enjoy the experience.

I will be 6 months post op this week, and this is the farthest I have been able to go not only since hip replacement, but also since the original surgery to repair my broken hip with screws. My leg is a little tired today, but not sore. I am really pleased with how good it feels.

I tried to run a few weeks ago, and it was a mixed bag at best. On the plus side, my leg would do it. I could run. However, it felt weird. The foot on my operated leg wanted to pigeon toe in, and the muscles around my entire thigh felt tired and sore–and I only ran about 12 steps. I don’t know what that’s about. The PT I saw after surgery had advised me to wait 6 months and then go to athletic training if I wanted to run again. After I am fully vaccinated for COVID, I may do that. In the meantime, I am enjoying spending a lot of time walking with my partner, who doesn’t run. Walking and hiking are things that we are able to do together right now.

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5 Months Post Op

Hello Everyone,

I am now 5 months post op (posterior THR), and have gotten a good bit of my normal life back. I can sit “crisscross applesauce,” sit on my feet, and bend over and touch the ground. My surgeon read wanted some continuing movement restrictions for a year, which made me mad. I haven’t done yoga or any crazy, but other than that I do what I want. I found the 3 month movement restrictions of the posterior approach to be very frustrating, and am envious of those of you with the anterior approach and fewer restrictions. However, I think that this is a good result. My legs are the same length and my biomechanics are the same as before surgery. I have no pain.

This weekend I took a long walk on a local rail trail, maybe 5 miles. This is the longest I have walked since I started having problems with avascular necrosis. Yesterday, I signed up for a virtual Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles). I’ll walk it, not run it, but this is a little piece of my pre-avascular necrosis life that I’m taking back.

I still do not know if I will run again. I am finally getting to a point where strenuous walking does not aggravate the soft tissues around my main incision. It’s a huge 8″ incision, and I still have some swelling. UGH. I imagine that running would aggravate this more. I am frankly afraid of prematurely wearing out the prothesis if I run on it, and after 2 hip surgeries in 2 years the thought of having a revision fills me with dread. At 61 years old, I may have to have a revision anyways, but still it’s a concern.

Any thoughts? How do you deal with worrying about wearing out your implant? Has anyone with posterior surgery been given movement restrictions for a year, or permanent movement restrictions? I have the Stryker Dual Mobility hip which gives greater range of motion, and I chafe at being given restrictions.

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“5K on New Years Day” walk

Hello Everyone,

I’m pretty new here. I had a THR on 10/08/20–posterior, with a cobalt and chromium ball and the Stryker Modular Dual Mobility socket. Since I am double jointed and accustomed to a range of motion far beyond normal, my surgeon thought (and I agreed) that I needed a dual mobility socket. This was my second surgery in 2 years on the same hip. I broke my hip in a bicycle accident in 2019. It was initially repaired with 3 screws. For awhile my recovery was going well, but then I had a major relapse. X-rays showed that I had developed avascular necrosis, and the only treatment was a THR.

I have been walking every day, slowly building my endurance. It has taken longer than I had hoped. I had to let go of some goals, because it was obvious that my body just wasn’t ready for them. The goal that I was able to hold onto was to be able to walk 5K by New Years. I am happy to say that on New Years Day, my partner and I went out to a local Rail Trail and we walked the 5K without difficulty! It feels like a big step on the road to recovery.

Question: Since I had posterior surgery, I have been dealing with 3 months of hip movement restrictions. My 3 months will be over in a few days. For those of you who had posterior surgery, what was it like when you were finally able to bend your hip past 90 degrees? I have a feeling that my soft tissues will be very stiff and not want to bend. Were you able to just bend, or did you have to spend weeks or months stretching out? How careful do I still need to be not to dislocate my hip? Any thoughts would be most welcome.


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