“5K on New Years Day” walk

Hello Everyone,

I’m pretty new here. I had a THR on 10/08/20–posterior, with a cobalt and chromium ball and the Stryker Modular Dual Mobility socket. Since I am double jointed and accustomed to a range of motion far beyond normal, my surgeon thought (and I agreed) that I needed a dual mobility socket. This was my second surgery in 2 years on the same hip. I broke my hip in a bicycle accident in 2019. It was initially repaired with 3 screws. For awhile my recovery was going well, but then I had a major relapse. X-rays showed that I had developed avascular necrosis, and the only treatment was a THR.

I have been walking every day, slowly building my endurance. It has taken longer than I had hoped. I had to let go of some goals, because it was obvious that my body just wasn’t ready for them. The goal that I was able to hold onto was to be able to walk 5K by New Years. I am happy to say that on New Years Day, my partner and I went out to a local Rail Trail and we walked the 5K without difficulty! It feels like a big step on the road to recovery.

Question: Since I had posterior surgery, I have been dealing with 3 months of hip movement restrictions. My 3 months will be over in a few days. For those of you who had posterior surgery, what was it like when you were finally able to bend your hip past 90 degrees? I have a feeling that my soft tissues will be very stiff and not want to bend. Were you able to just bend, or did you have to spend weeks or months stretching out? How careful do I still need to be not to dislocate my hip? Any thoughts would be most welcome.


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