Hi all,

Great site!! I’m 43 (m) due a right hip replacement a week this Saturday (Covid allowing). Posterior approach and ceramic head with cross link polyethylene cup. I’ve not really ran for about 2 yrs for obvious reasons but have biked (80-100 miles/week) so will go into the op fairly fit. I hope to get back running and would be happy to do 5km a few times a week but my question is about sprinting, I love (loved) doing boot camps but these involve lots of sprints, burpees, squat jumps etc. Nervous about these higher impact activities, as I was a fairly quick sprinter for my age so a bit worried about the forces going through the implant. I wouldn’t consider sprinting for about 6 months post op if at all really but what experience do people have? Has anyone experience of sprinting full speed or doing burpee/squat jump type activities. How did the hip feel? Would be great to hear some experiences!

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