Paul – 3 years post bilateral THR – pain and noise

Hi My name is Paul, I am a 56yrs male. I had bilateral THR in first half of 2017 and was fitted with cementless polarstem (titanium) and ceramic ball. I think with ceramic insert but it may have been xlpe.

My post-op fitness has been great – running park runs (5k) and offroad 10k at a gentle pace just 1 or 2 times a week. I also have been cycling 50 miles once a week and swimming a mile or so 4 times a week.

Following lockdown the gym reopened and I got over excited added in 3 exercise classes a week which contain lots of lunges and squats. This was great for about 2-3 months and I started to get pain in my left side very similar to those prior to my THR. Deep ache in buttock and hamstring also down left side of thigh. Always worse when sitting and relieved only by activity. ( Could it be sciatica related?) There is also a regular popping from the joint similar in feel and sound to that you get when you crouch down and your knees crack/pop. It became very sore so I dropped everything except swimming and have had some lessening of pain but the cracking of the joint persists particularly when weight is on that leg and a slight rotation occurs.

My questions are : –

  1. has anyone else experienced similar problems caused by overdoing things
  2. Is the noise a sign of permanent damage
  3. can I recover from this as the pain persists after 3 weeks of swimming only

Any similar experiences and comments gratefully recieved

Keep running !!!


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