Carole – about me

I am 61, active, a retired homeschool mom. I have run since highschool off and on. I joined a group of running ladies in 1999 and moved into longer distances. I really felt strong and good about running in 2011. I easily ran 2 half marathons a month apartnand decided that halves were a better choice for me than marathons. But after the second half, I had pyriformis and flexor issues that I could not shake. Gradually my running became more painful. It was a grief to not be able to run with my friends. An x-ray this summer showed how advanced the arthritis has become. I have a hip replacement scheduled for January. I think I am still in a bit of shock to be planning this.  Sometimes I wonder if I am jumping the gun on this surgery. I just did a 5k comfortably on grass last weekend and definitely passed a number of people. But I almost did not run it because I was not sure my hip would hold up. I may be able to run more and faster than some of the general public, but I have to remember what I could do if I had a hip that worked.

This site has really encouraged me that my activity can improve with a new hip. Running is not my meaning in life but it sure adds joy and companionship for me.


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