Going for two!

In June 2020 I had an posterior  total hip replacement on my right side. I have written about the recovery process and my race goals….I do triathlons, which for me keeps me interested, learning and healthy now in my mid 60s. I have been an endurance athlete since the time my mom and dad signed me up for swim team practice at the ripe old age of 10. Hundreds of thousands of miles later and many many races I am still at it!

On my new right hip I have now ran 2500 miles, biked 10000 miles and swam 180 miles. Competitions have included two half distance Aqua/bikes, multiple sprint/Olympic distance triathlons and the hilly-wet Atlanta half marathon this past spring. When the doctor X-rayed my right hip yesterday he said everything looked great and was exactly the way it should be….nice and solid in the femor and no signs of wear and tear.

But now it’s time to replace my left hip. I noticed in my training and racing I was starting to drag my foot on my left side and the surrounding muscles and tendons were  working overtime to pick it up and move me forward. In a recent 56 mile bike race my quad seized up at 50 miles and told me it was done for the day.

Now this is the reason I am writing this….I could wait another 3 years until I can’t walk, like I did with my right hip. But if I did that I would be close to 70, would lose allot of fitness as it became even more restrictive and try to recover when as we age recovery becomes longer/harder. So why not take a short break now when I am fit, get it fixed and be back on the roads in the spring. Best of all my surgeon told me if I had it done in October, I could be back running in April…..what a guy!

So that’s the plan and between now and surgery the end of October I will be swimming, biking, running a little and certainly racing … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

End of my first race season after THR – “no setbacks”

Sitting in a dark room recovering from yesterday’s right eye cataract. A 20 year old engine in a 65 year old body…stuff just wears out! I wanted to provide a summary of this past years race season one year after my THR.

Background: I twist broke my leg while cross country skiing in 2011. It was during a winter training season as I was building fitness to try and qualify for the 2011 Ironman Championships in Kona. Nine years later after multiple PT sessions, doctor visits and painful runs off the bike….it was finally diagnosed that my twist break most likely resulted in a labrum tear and I now needed a THR.  So in June 2020 I had a right posterior THR with a titanium post, ceramic head.

I grew up as a competitive swimmer and switched to Marathon running in my early twenties switching again to triathlon in my mid 40s. I have run over 135000 miles, biked over 100,000 and swam over 10,000.

Following the surgery my goal was to return with “no setbacks”. Consistency is the key to recovery and training over any one big day, week or month. My surgeon didn’t allow me to leave the overnight following surgery with anything but a cane. He wanted me moving and said let pain be the guide. He also said with today’s technology, larger parts and ceramic head, that I couldn’t wear it out. He said I would wear out first….sad but true! My surgeon and surgical center is home to many professional and university sports team in Minnesota.

I progressed slowly walking around the neighborhood three times per week and gradually built up to 6 to 8 mile walks over the first 6 months. I also added in indoor biking and swimming once my skin healed and bone was set (after my six week check).

At the 6 month mark, January 1st 2021 I started slowly back to running with 5 minute jogs and 1 minute walks. As I felt strong enough and didn’t have pain, I would add another 5/1 minute interval. I also started a … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Working my way back

I had a right posterior THR on June 30th. I want to share my return to trading and eventual racing with you all. All of us a different in our journeys so I do this to provoke thought and conversation.

First – where did I start. I started as a competitive swimmer at age of 10. I swam until my freshman year in college. At that point I met several runners and became interested in running. I started racing and eventually joined my college cross country team as a senior. The guys on the team introduced me to the running community in Minneapolis which at the time had some of the fastest marathon runners in the world. They dragged me along to eventually running over 135,000 miles and a 2:25 marathon best. Being 6 ft tall and weighing in at 170 lbs…I couldn’t keep up with he light weight world class runners…so in my late 40s I decided to try triathlons to see if I could be a little more successful. I started with a few in Minnesota to learn the ropes and then went to Texas for an Ironman 70.3 event. I ended up qualifying for the 70.3 world championships and raced that in 2010. I soon decided I would try to qualify for the full distance and the Ironman world championships in Kona. That’s where my hip story starts.

In February 2011 while training for Louisville IM I fell cross country skiing, twist breaking my right leg. After recovering and attempting to race again I started having trouble with my hip flexor which is critical to running off the bike….I saw doctors, PT, massage and chiropractors…..they all gave me exercises….nothing seemed to work. At the end of 2019 a long time friend asked me to run Grandmas marathon with him when he turned 70 in June 2020 (he has run every Grandmas). I told I would and the plan was to run 3:40….but I told him we would run the Atlanta half first in March. Over the winter I started to ramp my mileage from 20 to 30 … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)