Hello. I am a new member, just joined the other day. I am 61 and live in Minnesota. I broke my right hip a couple years ago and had hip pinning surgery.  The surgery didn’t really work so on 1-6-20 I had  my hip replaced. Prior to breaking my hip I was a runner. Ran quite  a few marathons and halfs and am planning on trying running this summer. I am looking for feedback on shoes. After reading the Allister Mcalpine book which recommends zero drop kind of shoes I was all set to buy  pair of Altras. Then I contacted the owner of my local running shoe store and she recommends cushioned stability shoes like Acsics Gel Kayano. I see that several Hiprunners were Hokas. My PT suggested Hokas as well. Any input from the Hiprunner community would be much appreciated! Thanks.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)