New hip advice

I’m getting a hip on my right side on 4/30/20.  I’ve run since 1971.  I was fairly competitive.  My best distance was the 1/2 marathon but did run a 2:45 in Boston several years ago.  I’m hoping to just be able to run a few days a week and maybe do a 5K or 10K somewhere down the line.  My left hip is in good shape.  Extreme pronation on my right side took its toll over the years.  I know the medical community basically says don’t run on a replacement.  I became aware of this web site and thought maybe there’s some hope for me post surgery.

I’m very active.  I swim 3-4 miles weekly.  I play hockey, tennis and hike.  So I’m in relatively decent physical shape.  If I run again it will likely be on trails in northern Michigan.

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