One year on

In 2015 I ran about 30 marathons (PB 3:36) and moved into middle distance triathlons. In 2016 and 2017 I did some Ironman (PB 14:14:14 yes really) with marathons and decided to back off in 2018 and resume in 2019. In 2018 I started getting excruciating low back pain and electric shocks sensation in my right leg and started tripping and falling. On my return to endurance training in 2019 intending to do more maras and tris training was hard; Paris mara took me some 4.5 hours and I was in trouble. Long story short my last run in 2019 was the marathon element of the Outlaw tri (GB) in July (cycling element cancelled). Towards the end my right leg kept collapsing and I was limping permanently.


Somewhat vexingly I had the low back pain checked out again and again and the medics said I had some wear and tear (I was 51 in 2019) and gave me the impression I was over reacting. Even though socks were a problem on my right side. It was my sports therapist who in 2019 said I should have my right hip x-rayed.

Guess what – right hip toast – ball rammed and seized in socket. No. go ices to make and the RTHR was in February 2020 (just before Covid .. lucky). Now almost one year on I am getting back into shape. Swimming (when Covid possible) is good, cycling is coming on and my long run is 10 miles. My old pace is gone never to return but so what? I can still run. 11 m/m isn’t bad for a bionic hip. It never ceases to amaze me that a failed hip can be replaced and I can do so many of the things I used to do.

My surgeon did not want me to run again but, hell, I’m 52 and not finished yet. I have decided to take the risk of wearing the new joint out but look at the benefit to the rest of my body (and mind) by fitness. Also, I am thinking that once revision … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Ironman to Hybridman

Very depressed at the ripe age of 52 after succeeding at long distance tri’s and ultras such as Ironman and OMM to have required a RTHR (posterior) in February this year (my last run was a marathon in July 2019 when I was a limpy painful mess at the end). Now 5 months on I am running (jogging) up to about 5 miles, cycling about 25 miles and swimming when possible. All amazing stuff given the major surgery but hard to believe I could ever return to more than recreational exercise. Limitations factors for now are fatigue and stiff/ aching from hip/ low back but I guess this may improve further. How do others get through the stiff/ achy layer? Any tips? And how do you avoid the fear you might be wearing out the bionics given the general advice not to run etc?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)