New Hips Again

Hi guys.  Tom etc….Its a long time since I even looked at this site due to my hips. Had issues since a 2007 injury wake boarding injury that left me with a crook right hip and half crook left hip. I decided to get 2015 MOM resurfacing after failure of FAI pincer type surgery which actually made my hips worse. MOM made me crook after 2 – 3 year had them out 2019-2020and the surgeon then put in Ceram on Ceram as I am in New Zealand its legal. In the states in is as I understand not legal. The ceramic on ceramic almost killed me and made me massively crook again worse than the MOM. Ok fast track now I have 40mm ball size and cup size is X linked Poly 2021 (late) and was able to do a mountain walk only 6 weeks after the recent change. So Ceramic – on X poly CPT stem uncemented which I found out is a real back bone of stems. Been around along time and can be replaced as it is not cemented in. You can only replace the ball system if you replace all other parts being stem collar and then the ball.

I had a bilateral partial revision which only replaces the Cup from Ceramic to X poly. Now you have a really good surgeon a Dr Pritchett in the USA that advocates X poly is the most development for hips in the last 40 years it takes the wear from 10 times the amount to  1/10 of what it should be. The factors to consider of wear are as I know from my experience and if you ask around are, cup angle, loading (how much you weigh) hip angles. I was running on the Ceram on Ceram and it made me massively crook as the particles of Alumina Oxide ended up in the blood stream. MOM particles do as well as they are a lot of tiny particles.

Ceramic is the same a lot of tiny particles. Poly is a small amount of small particles if you under … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)