Hi All

looking for a bit of advice. Had THR ( right hip ) 12 months ago exactly. A year prior to the op , I was a sub 19 min 5 k , sub 40min 10k , training approx 50 miles a week. Decided on advice to give the hip 9 months to recover and resorted to walking 10km a day to keep fit. Every so often I would jog 2 miles just to see how it felt, but to be honest it took the 9 months before I jogged the 2 miles and felt no pain. So in July I began slowly running 5 km every second/third day building to 8 kms four times a week up till two weeks ago. Then I started to get piercing pain shooting from top of my thigh down to my knee after 3 miles bringing me to a stop by the time I got to 5 mile mark. I took last week off and tried again yesterday, but it’s still there. Have I done damage or is this something I should “ run through “. All was going so well. I’m gutted to be honest. I know I will never run like I did before ( I’m 44 ), and that kills me, but I was happy losing weight and trotting around @ 9 min a mile pace. I feel like giving up.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)