Huge difference in leg length!

I had my anterior THR on Friday, and came home Saturday morning. No pain – didn’t take anything stronger than Tylenol. I feel great except for one thing – post-surgery, the leg with my new hip is about an INCH longer than my right hip! The physical therapist and nurses noticed it, too. I’m walking unassisted, but with a marked limp.

I’m freaking out! I only did the surgery so that I could return to running, and now I’m really worried. There is some mild arthritis in my other hip, so some have speculated that if I replace that one, I’ll even out. But I’m very worried.

Has anyone else had this happen?

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Anterior THR in January

My surgery at NYU Joint Diseases is scheduled for mid January. I’m hearing some conflicting information about post-op care. I live alone, but have friends nearby. Am uncertain as to how I’ll get into the shower (it’s in my bathtub), or put on socks and shoes, or even my jeans! What have some of you done?

There’s a gym two blocks away with an elevator so I can get to the treadmills, bicycles, and ellipticals. How soon do you think until I can start working out?

It’s been a year or so since I was able to run more than a few feet before the bone spur and bursitis pain kicked in. MRIs show very little cartilage, and recommended THR, first on the worst hip, and then on the other hip a few months later. I was so upset about the thought that I couldn’t run again, but stumbling on this site gave me hope. But why do all docs say running after THR is verboten?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)