Unsure of what I “should” be experiencing post-op

Hello team – my first post.  My total right hip replacement (anterior) was done on 2/4/20 at age 59.  Overall I truly believe the pre-op/operation/and post-op went really, really well.  My first follow-up with the surgeon and his PA was around 3/6/20 – xrays taken and all looked good.  I’m a yoga instructor – and with the advent of COVID-19 I’ve switched to online/Zoom sessions oftentimes with individuals signing on who are brand new or relatively new to yoga.  Therefore I’ve been compelled to demonstrate more of the poses/postures than I would normally.  My hip still has a lot of limited ROM and I’m modifying the yoga poses to manage this.  However I was curious to see if there are any others out here who have experienced a length of time before ROM returned – how long?  3 months; 6 months; 9 months; a year?  Many thanks.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Pre-op meeting with Surgeon is 1 16 20

First time posting.  59 year-old male who chucked the corporate world 5 years ago to launch a company that delivers onsite group fitness programs to Indianapolis area employers.  I’ve been a runner for 35 years (7 marathons; 25+ half-marathons; a bunch of 10/5K.  Been practicing yoga for 13 years – teaching it for 8 years.  Actually the majority of what my company does is onsite group yoga.  So needless to say, movement is a HUGE part of my world (it’s my livelihood).  My goal to work with my surgeon to schedule a late February procedure – focusing on recovery for March and a bit of April.  That means I have virtually no income coming in for this recovery time (I do have short-term disability coverage thankfully).  Further – it’s going to be a challenge to 1) ask for help post-surgery (I live bymyself); 2) not make major movements (like yoga; stationery bike; group fitness classes) during the rehab period.  Looking forward to engaging with this community for support/input/encouragement/etc.  Namaste’ ya’ll.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)