muscles or implant pain??


First time posting to this site, and other stories have been inspirational, so here goes, hopefully someone may have experienced something similar to me.

I have a THR 11 months ago, and because of wear and tear (& genetics) Ill likely need my other hip replaced in future also. I’m 43 years old. Athletic background in field sports and enjoyed triathlon (to middle distance , 1/2 ironman) standard.

Operation was really straightforward, I was walking with sticks 3 hours post op, and was discharged that evening, and was walking unaided within three days. My initial progress was super, and my surgeon told me that I didn’t need specific physiotherapy other than the prescribed exercises (which I completed). I decided not to start running until at least 6 months post op, but was back cycling in 6 weeks, and regained almost all power over a few months.

My challenge is that I continued to get pain in my operated leg which refers from the operation site down my IT band and sometimes down the side of my calf. I am unable to place a lot of weight on my operated leg when bending forward, and would fall backwards if I attempted a single leg squat on that leg. The surgeon (after 6 months) said that I should go see a physiotherapist, which I’ve done, and while the exercises that they are perscribing are helping, the progress is really really slow… I’ve tried running and while initially running is quite painful (and my form is terrible as can be expected), I’m beginning to think that I just need to push through this pain to regain flexibility. The surgeon says that the joint and implant x-rays are ok, so it must be a muscular / nerve problem. While he came highly recommended, he has a vested interest here and I’m a little dubious that he’s laying blame elsewhere. This procedure was supposed to put an end to pain but its not working out that way…. at least as quickly as I thought it would….

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