Richard – About Me

I’m a 36-year-old man and I’m getting a THR in less than a week’s time. I was diagnosed with arthritis 10 years ago after growing up with childhood Perthes Disease. To stay active and to lose weight I started running seven years ago and have clocked up, according to Strava, 3,685 miles of running in that time. I brought this chapter of running to a close with a half marathon two weeks ago and have not ran since, instead I’ve been concentrating on the exercises given to me by the hospital to be ready for surgery. The hospital have told me I shouldn’t run after the operation at all, that it would wear out the new hip quicker than not running. But why shouldn’t I? I can’t cycle at the moment because there is no rotation in the hip, but presumably I can start that post-op, and it shouldn’t hurt to run a few miles a week to keep up the general fitness. I’m concerned that although this operation will bring an end to my pain, it will instead stick a meter over my head which will increase every time I go for a run!

What I’d like to know is that does this mindset change at all? Once you become comfortable with the hip do you ever lose the guilt that by running you might be damaging it or reducing its shelf life?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)