Minor Swelling

Hello Everyone,

I’m 67 and had left THR in October 2019.  Surgery went fine and haven’t been experiencing any pain at all. The past 1-1/2 months I’ve had minor swelling at my new hip. No pain. I’ve run less than 50 miles this year because I tweaked my right quad during a run. And I’ve run less than 500 miles since my surgery. I’m wondering if the swelling is caused by my body compensating for my injured right quad, or maybe my body is telling it’s time to stop running. I haven’t been icing and maybe I should. I’m thinking of starting my hip exercises again. Any thoughts?



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Soft Tissue Question

Hello fellow hipsters,

I noticed within the last week or so that the soft tissue around my incision has felt like it’s a little swollen. I don’t have any pain before, during or after. Surgery was October 2019. It’s been extremely cold in northwest Ohio the past week, and am wondering if the extreme cold is affecting the soft tissue, or if I’m just being paranoid that there’s something more going on. Any thoughts? I never run two days in a row, don’t run more than 4 miles, and very seldom on hard surfaces.

I’m 66 and call my running “the old man shuffle”. Which is 10-10:30 min/mile.



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Convincing Spouse It’s OK to Run

Hello everyone,

I has left THR in October 2019 and everything is is great. Still have a little swelling every now and then which I was told to expect it. My concern is that my Ortho recommended that I don’t run again. A couple of months ago I reached out to my former Ortho (unfortunately he’s at Virginia Tech), and after extensive research, it was his opinion that I could run 20-25 miles per week but mainly on soft surfaces. I shared this information with my wife and she said ok, but did ask what if his opinion was no more running. I told her then I would have taken his advice to not run.

My question is, have anyone encountered reluctance from your spouse, how did you address it?




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Run or Not to Run, Confused

I’m 65 and have been running since 1978. I had my left hip replaced in Oct. 2019. My doctor told me that my running career was finished. Then in Dec. 2019 he recommended not to run again. I’ve done extensive research about running after surgery and am very confused. I’ve read articles that some doctor’s say it’s ok to run and others say it’s not. What’s even more confusing is reading all the success stories on here. Any thoughts? Thanks. Ken… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)