Trochanteric Bursitis–bilateral

Hi All:

I’m a 68 yo woman who had bilateral hip replacement(lateral approach, minimum incision, Zimmer Biomet) on 9/27/19, so am now 4 months out. Everything was going pretty  well , apart from some minor bursitis over the trochanter which did not limit my walking and doing some gentle yoga. I believe it’s tied to a tight IT band + some minor scoliosis caused by the prior arthritis, which was much worse in one hip  and had resulted in one leg being at least one inch shorter than the other.

Then I tried to do some specific exercises for this condition. They didn’t hurt at the time. Next day–agony. Felt like hot needles being inserted into my sides.

This happened 6 days ago, and I’m still creeping around and in pain. Am going back to PT on Friday for an evaluation, but from all I’ve read this condition is very tricky to deal with. You can imagine how depressed I feel. My goals from this surgery were not as ambitious as most–just wanted to do some slow jogging(5K max) and yoga.  I’ll be returning to live in London shortly and am in no state to be dealing with stairs, let alone getting around via tube. I was in pretty good shape before the surgery–far worse now.

I have a near infrared device, but am not sure if it can be used over a prosthesis. I also have some topical NSAID cream from England(currently I’m in the US), but am not sure if that can be used either. I can’t take oral NSAIDs. So right now, I’m just using some heat and limiting movement(sigh).

I would be very grateful for feedback from anyone else who has had to deal with this condition and if anything specific helped.




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Both hips replaced 9/27/19

Had both hip replaced with a lateral approach(posterior precautions) 12 days ago in Naples, Florida. In hospital for 3 days, walking with a walker day following surgery. Able to walk unaided day 8. I might add that this walking is while lifting the walker–the last thing I can afford to do is  fall.

I cannot believe how little pain I was in even on the early days. On the negative side, I have ended up with dreadful insomnia caused by restless legs which may be due to the moderate anaemia I’m experiencing, My haemoglobin fell below 8 on day 2, but was above 8 on discharge.

I’m a 68 year old woman and my major preparation for this surgery was to work on my upper body strength. Seems like it was this strength that enabled me to get in and out of bed during the early days when my legs just refused to do what they were told! I would advise all women to work on their low planks and pushups! Back to the surgeon on day 18 and will discuss when the precautions will be lifted. I’m hoping 6 weeks, but if 12, so be it.



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