Both hips replaced 9/27/19

Had both hip replaced with a lateral approach(posterior precautions) 12 days ago in Naples, Florida. In hospital for 3 days, walking with a walker day following surgery. Able to walk unaided day 8. I might add that this walking is while lifting the walker–the last thing I can afford to do isĀ  fall.

I cannot believe how little pain I was in even on the early days. On the negative side, I have ended up with dreadful insomnia caused by restless legs which may be due to the moderate anaemia I’m experiencing, My haemoglobin fell below 8 on day 2, but was above 8 on discharge.

I’m a 68 year old woman and my major preparation for this surgery was to work on my upper body strength. Seems like it was this strength that enabled me to get in and out of bed during the early days when my legs just refused to do what they were told! I would advise all women to work on their low planks and pushups! Back to the surgeon on day 18 and will discuss when the precautions will be lifted. I’m hoping 6 weeks, but if 12, so be it.



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