Happy to Find the Group!

Hi Hip Runners,

I’m 56 and had a right anterior THR 1 month ago (July 24, 2019). I’m walking mostly without a limp (I’m a little stiff in the morning), climbing stairs, stationary bike with no resistance (per dr though I feel like I could add a little resistance and it would be fine), lots of stretching and strength exercises, and PT isĀ  going great. I’m thrilled with how everything is going and I feel stronger every day. My dr frowns on running again. My PT is more optimistic though cautious right now. When did you start slow running after hip replacement? I’m not in a huge rush, but I’m curious as to the timeline – knowing it all will depend on how my body is doing.

I’m a triathlete with one full Ironman and many half Ironman races completed. I want to get back into racing but I’m not sure if I should set a goal for summer 2020 or not. Not necessary to do another full IM but I’d like to at least do an Olympic or perhaps a half. I’m very goal oriented and I’m finding I need something to look forward to. Is it reasonable to expect to be able to race on this new hip? My plan right now is to regain strength and flexibility for a few months and perhaps start training again in Jan or Feb 2020. I just need a little advice from those of you who’ve done this thing!

Many thanks!

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