2 months post-op

2 months post THJR now. I am not running yet, but in the last few weeks I have challenged myself to power walk a parkrun (5km). Managed just under 50 minutes 2 weeks ago, under 45 last week, and 43:30 today. My hip is obviously improving. The hip and surrounding muscles felt very stiff and sore for a few hours after the parkrun, but every time I have recovered well and the day after I found my mobility improved. I am still walking with a limp, but now I am confident I could run – well, slow jog with a limp – between 7:30 and 8:00 minutes/km if I wanted. However, no point rushing and taking risks. I walk regularly, work the legs in the pool, and I will start a few gym sessions. Second THJR on the other side coming soon. I can definitely see myself running now, ideally 3-4 months after the second procedure.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

6 weeks post-op

So 6 weeks post right THJR. Slow going, though mostly good. The best thing is that I am sleeping well at night, on either side, and the stabbing pain in the right hip that used to wake me up so often at night has gone (the left hip, yet untreated, has very limited movement but pain settled over the years).

The surgery and the new hip, according to the OS seen yesterday, went well. No leg length discrepancy, and good looking X-ray. I got rid of one crutch 2 weeks ago (week 4), and yesterday (week 6) I replaced the single crutch with a cane, though I limp along without aid for short distances. I have quite some damage to the hip abductors: currently I have a Trendelemburg gait on the right, and can only bear weight on my right leg if I lean right quite a lot, but it is slowly improving. I am walking in the pool with progressively low water level to get to walk straight. And I only need a minimum of support from the cane, just a touch to the ground, so I am hoping to get there.

Since the left hip is not painful and currently is the one bearing the weight, the 2nd hip op (on the left) is now postponed, and I am glad of that. I will see the OS again in 6 weeks and we’ll go for it if my right hip is strong enough.

I read of so many people who walk perfectly fine after a few weeks. I seem to be taking the long way home, but it is getting slowly there nonetheless. So for now I focus on walking properly. Running is still there as target, but in the distance. Oh well. Patience, patience, I am told.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

2 weeks post-op

hi everyone, just joined this club, reading all posts with interest.
I am a 51 year old sardinian-born kiwi, played basketball since before I could read and write, also played recreationally other sports – ice hockey, rugby and soccer. My left hip started with intermittent pain 12 years ago. I took up running 9 years ago when the hip stopped me from performing the turns/rotations that other sports require and, well, caught the bug. Additionally, running allowed me to shed 17Kg and stop antihypertensive+statin that I had been for a few years (creeping up BP and lipids). I am now 71.5 Kg at 6’2″ tall.  I coped well with pain and movement limitation whilst improving my running. Finished 8 marathons and many more shorter races. I ran my PBs (3:43 for marathon and 1:39 for half) only last year. Then my right hip started off and within a few months progressed to more pain than the left. I kept running but not sleeping well at night, problems with high steps/reaching the floor/putting socks convinced me to go for bilateral THR. Conventional, ceramic, lateral approach as advised by OS I trust. Right hip done on May the 30th. Tough first few days to be frank, but now improving 2 weeks out. Still on crutches, no heavy painkillers, only paracetamol and ibuprofen (I think tramadol made me sick and moody the first few days). My recovery is not as smooth as others I read about on this forum – still achy at night, and stepping normally is not possible yet as there is a very painful “catch” if I do that without crutches, but remaining positive. I intend to restart running -it has been too good for me to give up -but won’t rush it. Ideally I would start slowly 4 months after surgery, but the left side procedure will probably come before that. Will post with follow-up on progress, but any comments/suggestions welcome.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)