2 THR’s (Right – August 13th, 2020 and Left – March 17th, 2021)


I’m wondering if there are many people here who have had both hips replaced? If so, have you been able to get back to running again?

Osteoarthritis in both hips was detected back in 2016. Both mine were Anterior THR’s.

I felt pretty good after the first one, but because of the issue with the other one I did not run at all. I was just doing PT to get the strength back in the right one.

My plan is to take it easy for the first few months with just walking, biking and some PT.

Thanks ~ Stuart.

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Michigan Runners with Hip Replacements


I am a 54 year old male who most likely needs a double hip replacement. I was a soccer player and a runner (marathons) until it became impossible for me to run any more. I even tore ligaments in my foot and ankle because everything was out of line in my right leg due to the hip issue and being out of alignment.

I was hoping to talk to someone ‘like me’ who has had a double hip replacement and who is back running.

My last race was Boston 2015, since then I have barely run, not at all in 2+ years.

I live in the Ann Arbor area.


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