Newly replaced hip

Hello, I just had my left hip replaced on 9/30/21 using the anterior approach. Don’t recall the materials used on the implants but will be adding on my 2 week post-op visit the 13th of October. I’ve been running for 43 years so having hope to run again was very important. Most doctors just told me “that won’t happen”. I had decided no matter what they did I’d run anyway and deal with the issues. But the surgeon I finally chose said I’d be back to running in 6-12 months. I’ve already been sidelined since April this year when the pain became just too great and the injections and PT weren’t working any longer. I’ve been astounded at how well this surgery went. Outpatient surgery, in the hospital less than 7 hours, no restrictions, pain is virtually gone and was never really that bad. The doc is going to hook me up with a PT that’s also a major runner in my area when appropriate to get me going again. Until then, do my walks, my post op PT, if it hurts then stop, take it slow and easy. I’m turning 63 in November so I can be patient.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)