Triathlon World Championship

Dear all at Hiprunner

7 months and 5 days after a right sided total hip replacement I have just competed in the World Sprint Triathlon Championships in Lausanne. My hip performed perfectly, no stability issues and no pain.

My swim speed had been relatively unaffected anyway, however my cycling and running has been significantly improved post op, it has taken 20 years off of me!

Triathletes have a saying “Nothing is impossible”, well I’m not too sure about that, but I do know that it is possible to compete on the World stage, post hip op.

Good luck to everyone with your own personal goals.

I have attached a picture taken this Saturday, 31st August 2019.


PS. My operation was on 26th January 2019, full right side replacement, ceramic on plastic. I was swimming after 3 weeks, cycling after 4 and back running after 12 weeks and I’m 53 years old.


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One Day More

Hi HipRunner community,

I am a new member and I’m just one day away from getting a THR. As a GB Age Group Triathlete (53) I am keen to get back on my feet as soon as possible and I’m hoping that this website and the help of you wonderful fellow hipsters it gets me back running better than ever before.

Thanking you all in advance and I am looking forward to my HipRunner journey, starting tomorrow…….(gulp)

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