THA 6/1/20

Had a THA Left on Monday 6/1/20 and anticipate the right being completed mid-August.  Only on aspirin and Meloxicam currently (stopped the oxycodone on Thursday).  Had some ups and downs, but think I may have turned the corner today (Saturday).  I know everyone is different, but when did you start feeling normal again.  I had general anesthesia, which apparently my body didn’t care for, so will have the spinal when the right hip is completed.  Just now beginning to feel like myself and wanting to eat.  Nausea was a big problem after the surgery.  Trying to walk as much as my body will tolerate and doing my PT which seems to get easier.  Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

THA 6/1/20

Had my left THA on 6/1/20 with general anesthesia – quite a bit of nausea associated with it.  Finally feeling like myself today (Saturday).  The right hip will be completed in mid-August and will opt for the spinal instead of general anesthesia.  So far I have been walking as tolerated (went from the walker to the cane on Thursday.  Walked in and out of the bathroom without assistance, so feeling a bit more confident.  A question, when did you feel comfortable not using the elevated toliet.  They gave me a portable one and not just the elevated seat (wondering if I should just purchase an elevated seat.  Walking and PT as much as my body can tolerate and trying to stay up during the day.  Any helpful hints or suggestions are very much appreciated.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Postponed THR

Given everything that has been going on and I was in the 3 month hold due to having a cortisone shot surgery is on hold.  Any tips on how to deal with the setback?  The pain is to the point that there are days I can barely put any weight on my left side.  I have been taking anti-inflammatory drugs, but they adversely affect my liver so don’t want to overdo.  My gut is telling me I am probably now looking at a late summer, early fall surgery – won’t know until May 5th which is when they moved my second consultation after the Ortho’s office closed.  I am still exercising with a personal trainer to keep moving, but it isn’t easy even though I force myself to move.  My running has realistically come to an end.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Hip Replacement Scheduled

I was diagnosed in 5/17 with osteoarthritis — it is probably easier to tell you where it isn’t located instead of where it is located in my body.  In 8/17 I had my right knee replaced and have made it a year without complications, except now my left hip has gone from bad to worse.  As only most of you will understand, I have runs scheduled during the winter and don’t want to cancel, so I scheduled my replacement for 4/17/19.  Any and all suggestions are welcome.  I have the Marine Corps Marathon on 10/28 and then my “fun” Disney runs in February and April.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)