Back Running 11 weeks Post Op

I found this site last week when I googled “running with a hip replacement”. Back in April 2018 I was running 8 miles a day and then I hurt my back. Had back surgery on 5/25/2018 to remove the broken piece of the disc lodged in my L3-L4 nerve root. I limped in to the surgery center and I walked out pain free. Was out of work while recovering. Felt good for about two weeks and then had serious pain and weakness with my right leg. It was all of a sudden. Called Dr and he said it was normal and that the nerve was healing. He prescribed more prednisone and I took it. It helped. 4 weeks later I called my Dr and told him I could not walk at all and could not put any weight on my right leg. He ordered and MRI that day of my back. Saw Dr two days later and says my MRI was clean, no issues with the back. He then asks where does it hurt. I told him my groin and thigh area. He says I think you have Avascular Necrosis of your hip and we need an MRI. Did not know what that was so I hobbled out of Dr’s office and called my Identical twin brother in Columbia SC. He is a Pathologist. He would know. I told him while in the parking lot of the Dr’s office what the Doc said. He immediately said I was going to need a hip replacement. I was actually in a state of shock when he said that, I did not believe him. I drove home and then started researching AN. The shock wore off and I was devastated. 44 yrs old and I needed a hip. The MRI came back and I had it read by my brothers friend who is a radiologist and it confirmed what my Doc thought. I immediately made an Appt with my Orthopedic Doc.

He confirmed everything and the MRI showed that the hip had collapsed and that was the reason I could not walk. My … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)