THR activity since 7/5/2018

Greetings fellow Hip Runners!  It’s been awhile since I posted and I got inspired to write again since my running partner from way back when just got a THR and I told her to check out our website blogs.  Thought I’d update you with my activities, which is pretty consistent now.  Now my ortho DID NOT want me to run, of course.  I think it’s for his medicolegal protection and yeah, to reduce the impact on the appliance cup but I’m not that heavy.  Now my primary doc is a runner and he said I could run at races but did not  specify how often.  I’ve attended several ortho lectures and asking the ortho lecturer pointedly about running after THR and none of them said I couldn’t.  Anyway, to compromise, I’ve decided to jog/walk at most, every other weekend.  In my good ole running days when I was training for half and full marathons, I’d do a long run every 2 weeks anyway.  So this schedule does work for me.  If I want to be specific about it, I’d jog slowly for 3 minutes and walk for 30sec but if I got tired, I’d just mix it up to my comfort level.  I also like doing this on the hard packed sand at the beach or a trail.  Since my THR I’ve done races up to a half marathon distance. My last  5K was the day before my surgery and I came in last in the resident’s 4th of July race but before the general race started.  So happy to finish my last race with my old hip.  One year later, I was going to jog walk it but I got caught up in the running crowd and thought, to heck with it, it’s only 3.1 miles and went for it like the good ole times.  No pain and so much fun and I ran it in 30minutes finishing 6th in my AD.  I felt so proud of myself.  Like good ole days.  I wonder if I could run whenever I want to and even do a marathon but have … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Running update

Hi everyone.  It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted.  I had my Rt titanium THR on July 5, 2018 due to OA.  Prior to that I’ve been a long time runner  and marathoner then after becoming symptomatic with OA, I became a jog walker and for the next 5 years continued to do half marathons and the Chicago and LA marathon depending on pain meds and steroid hip injections.  Finally had my THR, had a great recovery and at the start of the new year, I started to run again.  My ortho doesn’t want me to run at all but my primary care doc said I could at races.  I could do that.  So I’ve done a few races. End of Sept I walked the Run the for the Cure 5K…my first event back.  Just doing it felt good no matter how slow.  On Jan 1 I did my first bit of jog walking  on the sand. Felt great!  Averaged 19 minute mile.   In Jan did a 5K (39:31) /10K (1:11:24)  race with a half hour rest inbetween. That was  at night, my first race back and it felt great.  Ran pretty efforted, effortlessly without needing med.  YAY!  Then in Feb did a 7K race (for free!)  in 53:50.  In Mar did a 15K with a friend to celebrate her  65th birthday  and this past weekend I did  10 miles of a half marathon in 1:50.  I did a 4min run and 30sec walk and ran hard and it was fine.  Never needed med.  Hip never hurt.  So I’ve decided just to do these races every 1-2 months, different distances with jog walking, enjoying them. Inbetween races I just do fast walking and that’s good enough training.  I’m happy where I’m at with my hip and exercise and encourage everyone with THR to just  keep active!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Happy 6mos THR hip runner

Happy New Year and after waiting 6mos post ant rt THR I am an official hip runner. My Ortho did not want me to run at all so I decided to wait 6months to resume jog walking. Until then I walked 2-3 times a week at a 15 1/2 min per mile pace because my exercise partner is taller than  me with longer legs. Today I fulfilled my goals by going down to Huntington Beach by the surf line and walked jogged on the beach working up from 1 to 2 to 3 minutes jog with a minute walk. It felt great and I did it for 6 miles and when I was really warmed up I was doing a 11 minute mile pace. No pain..yay! I did a mid foot strike with short strides and identified with the sand piper birds I saw with their short legs walking briskly. I will probably do this jog walking at races and maybe once a week and fast walk the other times. Just amazing how fast I recovered after my surgery. So glad to be back to jog walking. Happy New Year to all my fellow hip runners! My next post will be next week after I do the LA at night new year 5k and 10k challenge. We’ll see how it goes.

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Birthday accomplishments

I’m 7 weeks post ant THR and on August 31st I celebrated my 62nd birthday and challenged myself with these goals since I can’t jog. Did it because my numbers aligned. On the 31st I walked a 3.1 miler and I pushed the pace the first mile to see what I could do and it was just over 16minute mile. Did the rest of the 5K with my 85 year old runner friend who now just walks. Then later on in the day I biked 6.2 MI since I was turning 62 years old. Both of these efforts were no problem and I was so happy to accomplish them. It’s a great way to start my 62nd year walking without pain. I’m looking forward to adding jogging in 2019. In the meantime I’ll be working on walking more distance and biking.

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1month post THR

Hi fellow hip runners! I am 4+ wks post ant rt THR and doing great! I’m getting back to normal. So nice to walk unaided without pain or a limp. I took my first short bike ride today after going on exercycle for 30 min earlier on. The real thing is far more fun esp if you’re going somewhere for lunch. I’m walking more and decided to commit myself to some dreams. I’ve always been a runner, marathoner, jogger walker. I did 7half marathons the year before my THC and walked a 5k the day before. My doc doesn’t want me to run after my thr but I’m not so sure .I love doing races and I’ve signed up to do a 5k walk in November and might even do one in mid September. I feel I can be a good walker at reasonable distances. My goal is to just walk this year and in 2019 increase my walking distances to 10 k then 10 miler then ultimately the Orange County half marathon in May since that was my last half this year before surgery . I will intersperse some slow jogging next year so I can finish my races without being picked up for being too slow. I think I can finish my races if I pick the right ones that tend to have walkers .I’ll just be cautious but enjoy my newfound mobility without pain. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress. I will run my Hip Runner shirt at races too cuz that’s who I am now.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Post THR day 5

Hi all. I am formally a member of the hip runner club, after having my anterior hip replacement on July 5th. Of course I had to walk my local 4th of July 4th 5K and I didn’t care about coming in last in the residents race so long as I beat the winner of the open competition. I was so happy to finish since I didn’t have my usual pain meds to help me. I was in such pain these last 2 weeks I had no fears about the surgery . Well the surgery was a success and I don’t have arthritic pain anymore. I feel pretty good except for a bout of muscle spasms and it’s so nice to walk without pain. All my years of running including the seven half marathons the past year put me in great shape for my surgery and rehab. I just have to be careful. I wore my hip runner shirt proudly when I left the hospital and it’s hanging over my bed downstairs. My plan is to get strong and healed enough to walk a 5k  and do one every month and next year bump up my distance walking and add jogging intervals with my PT blessings since I wont get it from my surgeon. We’ll see what happens but I’m motivated and hopeful for a great recovery. It’s so nice not to be a limping gimp anymore. I’m celebrating my independence from osteoarthritis. Hip hip hooray!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Hello Hip Runners,

This is my first posting ever. I’ve never blogged before but I feel compelled to since I’m facing a right anterior hip replacement surgery on July 5, 2018 and I’ve been a runner/ marathoner for 34 years.  Five years ago after the Orange County Marathon I started to have persistent right hip pain.  Before that I’d feel a little give and discomfort in my right hip at the start of my long run training and I’d shake the leg out and be on my way.  When I started to have persistent pain, I went to a doctor  and an Xray and subsequent MRI revealed osteoarthritis in my right hip with all the related changes that go with it. It changed my life. I was a pretty fast runner for my age.  When I turned 55yo I got a little crazy and started speed training for my races because I could place higher. I was doing marathons in around 4:26.  Then the pain came and that slowed me down.  I became a jog walker just to keep moving.  And I hadn’t quit moving until this past month…just walking, no jogging.  Since having arthritis I’ve done the Chicago and LA marathon both in over 6 hours and countless half marathons still.  I manage by taking anti-inflammatories and tramadol during the race to manage the pain. Actually, I found as it gets warm and as my body and joints get warmed up, I do pretty good, esp if I’m jogging slowly.  This past year from June 2018 I did 7 half marathons as my last hip hip hurrah before my hip replacement. The San Diego Rock n Roll half this year was the first race I did not attend that I registered for.  My hip was hurting too much and I didn’t want to push it.  I decided to get a hip replacement to get off my pain meds, to not hurt and limp so much and to hopefully get back to jog walking.  My surgeon discourages running on a hip replacement (don’t they all) but I’ll be happy to get back to … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)