Carol S – About Me

I’m now at 3 weeks past surgery. I’m one of the ones who fell into a new hip. I’ve felt so many sore muscles in places I didn’t even know I had muscles like from trying to slide over to the side of the bed and then get up . I still can’t put a sock on my THR side foot but I can do it with a reaching arm device or, even better with my husband, Randy, nearby. I don’t understand what muscle it is that won’t let me reach that foot but I am getting closer.

I went back to work day 4 after surgery but hadn’t expected to be so exhausted. I may have pushed going back too soon, even though I only worked 5 hours/day at first, and am a speech therapist in a hospital. I’ve been walking a mile but am not happy with the way it feels. First I had to learn how to walk bringing my THR leg through straight instead of hip going out and toe turning in. That’s working ok now. I’ve always felt my walking stride was jostling and jarring. I think my slow shuffling jog has less impact than walking so as soon as my legs will let me. I will start transitioning to a gentle jog and later on to running.

My goal at this time is still to run Marine Corps in October. Hopefully with my husband in sight now and then. And for now we will be volunteering at the Keys 100 this weekend instead of running the 50 miles we had entered.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

CarolS-about me

My daughter has a running blog (RunStylish)so when I tripped and then found that I needed a THR, she looked for help in other blogs. As with most of you, running is a very important part of my life and of both my daughters and my husband. I am a runner and I don’t plan on giving up. My ortho MD does not appear sports oriented, using the ceramic prosthesis rather than my own bone and telling me it has a limited number of miles on it. Nonrunners love to use the term “pounding” though I will say that now at this age, I am barely picking up my feet when I run which certainly contributed to me tripping.

So it will be a week tomorrow that I broke it. I’m taking about a 3 house street walk with my walker. Looking forward to ditching it. It’s noisy and it looks like I am an invalid instead of a runner. I will push ahead as much as this body will permit. Fortunately my husband is also a runner and would like to have his running partner back. Also fortunately we have already gotten into the MCM in October so for now, that is my goal. … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)