90 days Post Op-Starting to jog on Treadmill

2 weeks ago as I was walking on the treadmill at my gym,, I decided to try a little jogging. To my pleasant surprise I had no pain and it felt so much better the pre-op ! Since then I am doing about 12-15 minutes 2-3 times a week with jogging for 1 minute and walking for 30 seconds.

I do get a bit sore, not major sore,, about a 1 on a scale of 1-5 . Notice that after sitting for a bit, my first few steps are a bit tender but then the pain dissipates and I’m good. Anyone else have this same experience? Is it just part of the journey back to running or am I pushing it a bit too soon? I have a doctor appointment next week, assume they will xray to see if bone growth is apparent. Hope my doc is ok with this routine as I hope to extend it each week by a couple minutes. Hoping to do a sprint tri at end of April.

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      2 weeks ago as I was walking on the treadmill at my gym,, I decided to try a little jogging. To my pleasant surprise I had no pain and it felt so much
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      I’m 19 weeks post op and have the same feeling of discomfort when I’ve been sitting for a while. I think it’s common and isn’t too much of a problem as it goes away quickly. I’ve been jogging – on paths or the athletic track – since February. I’m following a run walk programme and am up to 5 minutes of running with short walking breaks. I’m determined to get back to running! I’m sure you’ll be able to as well but don’t overdo it. Or at least, if you do, cut back until you feel ok again. It’s a journey and no mistake. Recover well.

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      I am 99 days post- THR, right hip.

      I get that first couple of minutes of stiffness, from the chair….not even that long….everytime….

      no running yet

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      Hello keep up the good work and the result will come,have My THR 24/10-16 five weeks later i jogged 19km. I started to walk with canes at day two and after one week i walked 8 km per day after five week i go back to work and i had not have a backlash at all. Today i run 50km a week and next Saturday i Will run a halfmarathon My first competition after op,in April i Will run My first ultra after op only 47km. So keep up The work with walking and jogging it Will be better and better.

      Anders Jelander/Sweden.

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      I’m 2 months out from my THR. Used the walker for a day and cane for a month. Felt too good and hit the gym hard. The abductor and adduction machine strained my hip flexor a lille too much even though I was being careful and ended up on the cane again for a couple of days, lots of pain in groin area. Took it easy for 3 days and everything is feeling great again. Just walking a lot and just doing 1/2 squats, leg presses and leg curls. It’s funny how after getting out of chair the first two steps seem a little shakey with mild pain but then it’s fine. Since retiring I became a football official. Don’t run a lot on the field but every now an then I have too sprint a bit. Haven’t tried to jog yet but I think I’m getting close. I ride my bike a lot too and the stationary bike at the gym. Never a bit of pain from that. Especially after what I was dealing with before the operation. Heck after waking up from the operation I felt like a new person. Glad I found this site, kind of reassures me that I’m on track.

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      Thanks for all your comments! Relieved to hear about some discomfort after sitting,, I’m slowly ramping up my running,, trying to be patient. Have a sprint tri on April 30th,, will see how that goes.
      For anyone who is just coming off of THR,, I highly recommend the ski walking poles. I ditched my walker after 2 days and used a can for about 3 then switched over to the poles. Great exercise and facilitates the recovery.

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