8 Weeks Post Op- Zero Runner a Blessing

Eight weeks ago on December 11,2017 I had my second THR (right hip). Five years ago I had my first THR (left hip). After my first THR I waited five months before running but I consistently did a lot of biking, swimming and strength training  Fortunately, I have had no issues with the first THR and continued to run and participate in road races and triathlons until last October when the pain in my right hip prevented me from running. Just three weeks after my second THR I began running on the Zero Runner. I have progressed from five minutes in week three to thirty five minutes in week eight. I have some soreness after using the Zero Runner but no pain while on it. I feel like the Zero Runner has greatly assisted me with my rapid recovery. While I am anxious to run outdoors, I think I will stick with my plan to run only on the Zero Runner for the first four months before hitting the road. Also, at age 61, I intend to continue doing a substantial amount of my training on the Zero Runner. While I have no more hips to replace, I want to try to save my knees. I highly recommend the Zero Runner for all hipsters that can fit it into their budgets. Once again, thank you to Tom for recommending the Zero Runner.



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      Eight weeks ago on December 11,2017 I had my second THR (right hip). Five years ago I had my first THR (left hip). After my first THR I waited five mo
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      Has anyone tried or considered stem cell therapy for hip pain and arthritis. Please let me know your thoughts since I am deciding total hip replacement vs. Stem cell therapy and would like to remain active.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Brian,

      Its so true isn’t it? To be able to maintain good running form while not taking the impact? The Zero Runner was a blessing for me too. I swear by it. My strava feed shows that I live on the Zero Runner. Just had a partial knee replacement yesterday and I can’t wait to get back on it.

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      Mama House

      Hi Robert,
      I’ve had both – I did stem cell implants in May of 2016 and had a THR of my left hip on October of 2017. When I had the stem cell treatment the Dr. was very upfront with me. She said that I would experience pain relief, but that the arthritis was so advanced that my range of motion would not be improved much. She said the pain relief would last up to 4 years if I quit running, but if I continued I would need another stem cell treatment in 2 years. Since my husband had a stroke a month earlier I decided I couldn’t handle surgery then so I had the stem cells. I really did receive tremendous, but not total, pain relief. I still couldn’t tie my shoe without turning like a pretzel, and I still walked like a duck with my side to side waddle! Didn’t stop me from running, but boy did I get funny looks! Sure enough, by last summer the pain was becoming much more intense again, and I decided that the timing was right for the THR and a permanent solution. I am now pain free, I can tie my shoe, and walk without a noticable limp. I’m running on my new Zero Runner, and just completed my first one mile “ground” jog!, My recommend? Get the THR if you are an appropriate candidate.

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      Hi Tom, I hope your knee surgery is a complete success and you are back running shortly!! I have no doubt you will competing again in your age group!

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