3 months post THR

I am now 3 months post right THR and have been started back running for a month. Short distances and slow pace, but have gradually built up to a 10 mile run this past Saturday. Very fatigued, but satisfied I could complete the distance. I have qualified for Boston prior to my re[placement and I am hoping to run it in April.

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      I am now 3 months post right THR and have been started back running for a month. Short distances and slow pace, but have gradually built up to a 10 mi
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      Andy G

      I am 4 months second THR and up to 12 miles and feeling good. Better avoiding tarmac and slow but great to be out

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Inspiring report! Congrats on the 10 miler!

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      Thanks. I am so glad to have found this site. I am inspired by everyone. I was was so worried about having the THR – put it off for over a year – that my running days were over. Now looking forward to getting back out there and continuing my passion.

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      Sabae Martin

      I’m so hesitant to have THR. I just started running a year before my 60th Birthday and ran my first 5K, Half Marathon and I LOVE running so I’m not trying to stop. Yet, the Hip pain, discomfort and reduced ability to run is very concerning. I want to run in the spring and summer season so I’m trying to decide when to move forward with surgery. I’m inspired by this Blog that running post surgery is possible, so how did you know when to have your surgery? Thank you for the input and encouragement.

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      Congrats on qualifying Boston!

      I plan to run/walk my first marathon in February. I’ve had bilateral hip replacements and other health issues, and hope to finish in under 7 hours.
      I run/walk my first Half on January 28th. 😉

      Great luck with your training! Kepp an eye out for stress fractures on the thighs!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Sabae,
      I arranged to have mine in early January. That was in the dead of winter. I started back running in April. Good luck!

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      Inspiring! I become an official member on 12/21. Thanks to stories like urs, I decided to do the Spartan Race Trifecta in 2018. First one is 3/24.

      Thank you for sharing!

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      I’m 4 months post right thr, was not allowed to run until 3 months. Did not attempt to run more than 4.5 miles since I started again one month ago, but reading that you ran 10 miles after 3 months that is amazing!

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      Paul R

      10 miles sounds awesome! At any pace.
      JoJo, have a great marathon! Which one are you doing?

      I am so jealous. I try to forget about not being able to run but sometimes
      when I remember some particularly great runs or races (or when I see somebody running) …I start to tear up…
      Rumblings of discontent in January 2017.
      Stopped running in May..too much pain.
      Couldn’t do elliptical without pain in August.
      I had my right THR (COP) done Nov 1.
      Back to work in one week, allowed to drive after two weeks.
      Off all hip restrictions at 6 weeks!
      Working on flexibility (oof…ugh..urk!)

      My doctor wants me to hold off 6 more weeks before I start running on soft surfaces (treadmill, rubber track, dirt)…then he wants one more last x-ray to make sure ‘nothing has shifted’. I can be a patient patient 8) Don’t want to mess anything up at this point! I see many people hear with similar timeframes.

      From what I read here, I am assuming it will take me 6 to 12 months to feel back to ‘normal’…not sure what that will be lick.

      I do plan to keep running marathons…probably only 1 per year (rather than 2-4) and I will do a lot more elliptical/bike/stairmaster training and reduce the training mileage as much as possible.

      One silver lining: my congenital defect also came with a 1/4″ leg length mismatch and huge turnout on right foot. The turnout would trip people randomly walking by me on my right side once or twice a year….especially small children 8-(

      Now I am amazed to look down and see symmetry. Nice.

      Happy Holidays!

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      Glad to hear you are doing well. Same with me, cut down on the number of marathons per year and supplementing runs with biking and gym. You’ll be back sooner than you realize.

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      Was able to walk day of surgery and with no assistance devices in three days. Was told could walk to keep active, so was walking a mile by end of first week. Slow progression to running – slow and short distance – in 10 weeks. Been slowing adding to it over time. 4.5 at only 4 months is awesome! keep it up!

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      Good luck on your upcoming Half. Keep up the awesome work. Let me know how is goes. Looking to do one in March as a warm up for April marathon.
      Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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