3 months in and needing advice

Hey fellow Hipsters, and hi from Sydney. Really enjoy reading and learning from all your posts. I’m 55 and had a THR on left hip (posterior) just over 3 months ago (mid Jan). All went well, good recovery, have been doing around 5-6 miles of walking most days for the past couple of months, plus a bit of cycling. Tried some gentle running a few weeks ago, and was fine while running but felt sore for a few days after so have backed off for the time being. Started a (gentle) yoga class a couple of weeks ago. Couple of things – how do you know when you’re ready to start running again? My hope is to to run half-marathons again. Also, it feels like my recovery has plateaued. Still feels quite stiff at times, and I get pain disrupts that my sleep (think when I roll on to my side).  Is this normal for this stage? Any thoughts and advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Robbie

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      Robbie Macpherson

      Hey fellow Hipsters, and hi from Sydney. Really enjoy reading and learning from all your posts. I’m 55 and had a THR on left hip (posterior) just over
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      Hi Robbie, I’ve had 2 hip replacements in the last 26 months and everything you mentioned seems perfectly normal to me. Listen to your new hip and when it’s sore back off, but long walks are certainly the way forward.
      You will be back jogging soon enough, be patient you’ll get there. I’m back running 10 miles a week now, which I think is decent for 14 months out from my last THR.

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      Robbie Macpherson

      Thanks so much for your encouraging words. Much appreciated. Great to hear you’re running a good amount about two THRs. Well done.

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      Three months is the recommended start of exercise that puts pressure on the area, like long walks, and things.

      I went for a power walk 91 days later.

      Take it gradually. Maybe on your next few walks decide if you feel like doing one minute of running, here and there, and decide how that feels….add as you can gradually. If you feel pains around the area, it likely is not the hip because you can’t feel the prosthetic, it’s a foreign device.

      It does take time for the bones to adopt the device in the femur, so let that happen. The bone grows around the device unless you had it cemented in. You should find that out.

      Good luck.

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      I agree that what you are experiencing seems pretty normal. I didn’t start throwing in running steps until 4 months and then actively started running at 6 months….doing run/walks of three miles in length every other day. I also had posterior surgery and my hip flexors were the ones that complained the most. On the off days I cycled and swam. I also signed up for a strength and mobility 3 month program to get my balance and form back. It wasn’t until the 7 month mark that i felt that I was making good running progress. At nine months I am starting to get my pace per mile faster and have run up to 15 miles utilizing the 5/1 minute run/walk technique. I am still running only three to four days a week….and biking/swimming the other days.

      The goal is to go as fast and far as your body will let you with no setbacks…..consistency is the key to training and setbacks just disrupt that. Everyone is different so let your pain be the guide and don’t overdo it.

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      Robbie Macpherson

      Thanks for all the good advice and encouragement. What a great community this is! Managing decent walks most days without any adverse reaction. Also finding yoga is good. Can’t wait to be able to reintroduce running again, hopefully in a gradual, sensible.

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      Hello Robbie and hang in there!!!
      Every day is an opportunity to do and get better!
      -how do you know when you’re ready to start running again? it is an individual matter, for me it was when I could walk comfortably, briskly, without any “hitch“ in my gate and when I could climb stairs in an athletic fashion… And that’s when I felt I could start shuffling again
      – Re: recovery and plateaus – I hear you there! Once I was to about 40 days, I was like “what’s next“? to me it seems like the orthopedic community doesn’t know what to say at that point. My biggest challenge a couple months out, which remains to this day, is getting mobility, flexibility, and “smoothness in my walking and running stride“… I ran a 5K about 2 months postop and I have been doing shorter races about every three weeks since then, I am now 4.5 months postop. I ran a 46:39, hilly road 10 K last Saturday. That is all great, but I am struggling with muscle soreness, muscle stiffness throughout my legs and lower back, and three hamstring pills in the last month…. so I am certainly riding the THR roller coaster! All that I know to do is continue to focus on balancing activities, stretching, strengthening, and rest.

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      Hi Robbie! I agree with the posters here — there are natural plateaus along the way and they will ebb and flow…I had a THR 6 years ago at age 43 and was running at about 6 months. I took it purposely very slow.

      My physical therapist had some very good advice/wisdom that ended up being spot on: The recovery is slow but you will notice breakthroughs at “doubling” points…at 2 weeks post surgery, 4 weeks, then 8 and so on….He had said really it will be not until you hit the one year mark where your body is really in its groove…I have to say that was true for me. At about 6 months I was at a plateau – it was good and I was fine, but kind of stayed at the same level for a while…Then almost magically at about one year I noticed a step up and was able to crank up workouts even more.

      Good luck! Keep us fellow HipRunners posted!

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