23 Week Report

I went in to Dr. Tim’s office today for a Post Op Checkup.  All is well with the hip.  The one thing about the hip is since the pain is gone…..it has magnified other areas of my body that seem to ache.  One of the nurse’s referred it to the hammer and the thumb syndrome.   I wasn’t noticing these other aches because the pain in the hip was so severe.  I think I’ll just carry a hammer around with me.  That way….I’ll never worry about these aches and pains.  All is well on the hip front.  I’m supposed to go back in 6 months to a year.

I received some inspiration from a gentleman named Colin who found my blog.  He is looking at getting either a replacement or a resurfacing.    When you’re a runner or an active person….a bad hip will really kill your quality of life.  So I always encourage active people to go for it.  The sooner the better.  Colin gave me a link to another inspirational testimonial about a guy named Norman who had a double hip replacement in 1998.  He is now in his 60’s and is doing 40 miles per week, living the good life of running and staying active.  You can read more about Norman here…..

Thanks for the info Colin and good luck to you.



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