2016 Recap

At the end of the each year following my hip replacement, I have provided a recap of the year and established new goals (See 2012 Recap, 2013 Recap, 2014 Recap, 2015 Recap).  These recaps have helped me to assess my progress and establish goals for the new year.

Here is a recap of my goals for 2016….

2016 couldn’t have turned out better given my circumstances….Here is how I did.

    1. Snake River in under 1:35.  My time: 1:30:48.  Boom!  Good way to start the year with this goal.
    2. Bloomsday in sub 49:00.  My time: 49:02.  OK.  Not bad.  Close
    3. Weight under 180. This was one that I couldn’t get to.  I will be carrying over this goal into 2017.
    4. Survive the Rut.  Not only did I survive it, I took third in my age group.
    5. Increased Leg Strength.  Summer training for the mountain runs helped with this very much.  I spent a lot time doing elevation training and this helped with my leg strength.
    6. Hip Runner Shirt..Version 2.0.  Yep it came out. 🙂
    7. Break the record for the most Hip Runners gathered together at one time – Currently 3.  Some day it will happen, but it didn’t happen in 2016
    8. Stay Optimistic.  Scheduling (and completing) a mountain run and a rim-to-rim Grand Canyon run in 2016 is a good indicator that I reached this goal.

So what is in store for 2017?

As I plan my goals for 2017, I am still recovering from my achilles issue incurred during my Grand Canyon run in October.  But I am taking PT and hope to be back at it soon.  So in no particular order….here are my goals for 2017…

  1. Snake River in under 1:35.  I ran in it in 1:30 last year but a I suffered a set back with my left achilles tendon after the Grand Canyon run.  This has severely limited my outside running.  I have been getting workouts in on my Zero Runner.
  2. Bloomsday in sub 49:00.  Same goal as last year.  I will be happy to achieve this.
  3. Weight under 180. Try number 2.  2017 is the year!
  4. Beat the Rut.  Last year was a trial run.  I survived.  This year I know what it is like.  Let’s see if I can beat last year’s time.
  5. More Strength.  If I have learned anything, it is that overall strength is necessary to avoid injury.  Especially for us Hip Runners.  This year I will focus more on overall body strength especially strengthening the glutes and the legs.
  6. Hip Runner Shirt..Version 3.0.  Version 2.0 was good, but Version 3 will be even better.
  7. Stay Optimistic.  I have to close with this one.  Where am I without it?

Where would Hip Runner be without optimistic people who believed that they could continue their running pursuits after their hip replacements?  Stay tuned for my next post which will focus on the most noteable posts of 2016 from this Hip Running Community…..


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      Hip Brother Tom

      At the end of the each year following my hip replacement, I have provided a recap of the year and established new goals (See 2012 Recap, 2013 Recap, 2
      [See the full post at: 2016 Recap]

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      Dave Whiteside

      Great 2016 Tom and I’m sure you’re going to rock it even more in 2017. You’re getting stronger and more confident every year. I’m pretty confident you’re going to crush a couple of those goals. Keep up the good work.

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      Hi Tom,

      Great to see your accomplishments for 2016 and goals for the new year. It reminds me I should set up some goals.

      Goal Number 7 is the best. We should all have that one.

      Thanks for keeping this site up.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Thanks for replying Bob. Yes! Staying optimistic is key. Keep posting!

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      This. This post is what I needed to see and the reason I have joined Hip Runners.

      First, congratulations, and second, thank you for creating this site and this community. After having both hips replaced at a young (and young-at-heart) age, I don’t want to hear any more “Don’t,” “You can’t,” or “You shouldn’t.” As a lawyer, I understand why our medical professionals have to give the very conservative advice that they give. But that advice does not and cannot take into consideration who Hip Runners of all ages are at their core, what drives us, and what we want our lives to be like after what we have been through. Now that I am on the other side of both my right and left THRs at 45, I need the perspective that comes from the experience of others who have been there and done that.

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