Over 2 years in and just starting to run.

As the title suggests I had my hip replaced away back in April 2013, I did a lot of cycling in the 2 years since and now I’ve decided to start building up to running around 3 miles 3 times a week. At the minute I’m building it up and I can currently run 2 miles at around 5mph or slightly less. My main issue is that I’m experiencing a bit of pain from in and around the hip area the day after I run. The main pain is in around where the scar is for my operation, and some slight pain at the front of the pelvis area in towards the hip joint itself.

I’m basically looking to hear if anyone else has experienced the same issues and if it’s just a muscle/ligament problem?

After each run (I’ve only done 3 so far) I get the foam roller out and give myself a good 15 minutes on that to try and loosen up the glutes, thigh, quads and calf muscles, however there is still this dull nagging pain the next day.


Any ideas?

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