2 THR’s (Right – August 13th, 2020 and Left – March 17th, 2021)


I’m wondering if there are many people here who have had both hips replaced? If so, have you been able to get back to running again?

Osteoarthritis in both hips was detected back in 2016. Both mine were Anterior THR’s.

I felt pretty good after the first one, but because of the issue with the other one I did not run at all. I was just doing PT to get the strength back in the right one.

My plan is to take it easy for the first few months with just walking, biking and some PT.

Thanks ~ Stuart.


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      Michigan Runner

      Hello. I’m wondering if there are many people here who have had both hips replaced? If so, have you been able to get back to running again? Osteoarthr
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      Hi Stuart, welcome.

      I’m bilateral, a BHR resurfacing 6 yrs ago and a THR nearly 4 years ago – both lateral incisions. Have a look at my posts for some more details but basically running after 8 weeks (less for the THR) and still running now. Just had a bit of a purple patch, racing up to 16.5 miles and making club standards at Gold level from 1 mile to 30km. Everything aches nowadays, except the hips…

      Good luck!


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      I had both hips replaced. Left one in Nov. 2010, and the right hip in Feb. 2020. Both hips done laterally. I also had my right hip dislocate in March 2020, and it had to be surgically repaired. That surgery was posterior. Long story short, I’ve worked my way from walking, then began jogging in Nov. of 2020. I was very hesitant, due to the dislocation, but I’m running now about 3 miles at a time, 3 times a week, and weight training 3 times a week. I feel great, with no issues now. Except for some range of movement issues (and that’s very slight) I can’t even tell I have artificial hips. Hope this helps.

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      Rusty Rathburn

      Hey Stu

      I had both hips done 6 and 7 years ago. I ran the LaJolla Half marathon and the Kalamazoo half within 6 months of my first replacement. Shortly after that my other hip started to rear it’s ugly head.

      My surgeon from U of M encouraged me to start back running, which I did. Hips are great, unfortunately I’m getting older and other things issues are dragging me down. Hamstrings, Glutes, calves, etc. That’s just me. I’m confident you can run sooner rather than later. Start slow and lower your expectations. Low expectations lead to low chance of injury.

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      Hip Brother Tom


      Rusty is a long timer. Besides running, he’s an active skier. He’s right about low expectations leading to low chances of injury. If you want to step up your game, you definitely will have to focus more on taking care of yourself (i.e. leg strength training and stretching…..). This advice is coming from a guy who ALWAYS set expectations too high. 🙂 Keep believing and stay optimistic. Running is in your future.

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      Hi Stuart. I had THR on my right hip December 2019 and on my left in March 2020 in my 60th year. I am a (93kg) lifelong runner/multi sports enthusiast and completed a couple of half IM in 2015/6 by way of background. I stopped running probably 2 years pre op and have elected to wait post op although I was able to walk and road cycle comfortably 4 months after my second op. Since then I wave worked a lot on my core strength and mobility with a lot of squats and similar exercises.
      I decided to restart running a few weeks ago since when I have done half a dozen steady 4 km runs without any pain at all and I intend to step this up with a target of 10km pit probably only to run 2-3 times a week.
      I have gone for a well-cushioned shoe initially (Hoka Bondi). The hardest things so far have been that I am having to slightly relearn running style-wise and to work out if I need to modify my stride in any way so forefoot, mid or heel first and then stride length. It’s work in progress but I’ll keep you posted.

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      hi Stuart, yep, had right and left THJR 4 months apart, 2 years ago. About 3 months after the first one I did only a bit of shy jog/walks. After the second one, again I left it 3 months before jogging/walking intervals. Good days and bad days, particularly at the beginning. Being sensible but keeping positive was the best approach. Also, you lose a lot of nerves and muscles with the surgery so I found swimmming pool walking/squatting first, then gym sessions (lunges, squats, stretching) helped a lot. I only go to the gym once a week now, but did it 2-3 times/week in the first few months. Two years after, I have already one marathon and several half marathons under the belt, and my pace is slowly approaching my pre-surgery PBs.

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