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Ok, my long awaited new Zimmer Poly/Ceramic w/ Vitamin E total hip was inserted (anterior)  2 days ago.  Seems like it took forever to get here.  I’m a little tender now but I’m home able to walk without assistance.  I purchased a Zero Runner before the surgery and am excited to spend more time on it.      My running ability has diminished significantly over the last year.  It just seems unreal that a couple of days in the hospital can change my life so dramatically.  Hip Runner has been a vital source of information for decision making and encouragement.  Can’t thank everyone enough for your  support!!! –  Kelly

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      Ok, my long awaited new Zimmer Poly/Ceramic w/ Vitamin E total hip was inserted (anterior)  2 days ago.  Seems like it took forever to get here.  I’m
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      Congrats to your new hip,this will be the best you have done in years,had my second new hip 7/9-17,did my first 24/10-16,started to run after five weeks after my thr. My rehab had been walking and cykling,did 3ultramarathon after my first thr in five months,best rehab to you.
      Best regards Anders Jelander.

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      Congratulations on your new hip! Follow your Drs guidance on your recovery, you want everything to heal nicely! You are going to love your Zero Runner! It will be a very nice benefit to your recovery and to future years of enjoyable running!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Kelly! Congrats! In time, you’ll be running again. (Sooner than you think with that Zero Runner). Congrats!

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      Hi Kelly wonderful to hear your great results. I am facing THR now. Going thru preop process with surgery in about 5 weeks. I’m terrified. I’m not a runner but found connection with this group. Any advice to get thru the fears…
      hope your up & running soon!

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      Hi Debbie….. I had a scheduling setback during my preparations that caused me to extend my surgery date by 4 weeks. Like you, those seemed like they were the longest 4 weeks I could imagine. But, I took advantage of the time to prepare myself for surgery. I am now starting my recovery and my delay is just a memory. It’s been 14 days since my surgery and I have been in the gym the last week spending time on the Stair Master and doing upper body exercises. I got a full release from my doctor to resume all of my actives with the warning to listen to my body….. don’t overdo. If it hurts back off. I am a 65 year old male and found that weight and strength are the two factors that affected my recovery the most. Being able to sit and stand using just one leg… i.e. one legged squat…. is a big plus. During your wait, prepare yourself by practicing getting up from a chair by putting as much weight on your non-surgical leg as you can. Build your strength by doing this repeatedly. This will give you confidence. Also, keeping your weight to a minimum is important. Every pound you weigh is just another pound you have to lift. Being able to stand up and sit down were my biggest fears and I was able lessen my concerns by building strength. Knowing I was prepared minimized my fear!!

      I hope this helps. Good Luck to you!! – Kelly

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