Hi, I have just joined HRs and this is my first post. I found your club when I was searching for long distance running after a hip op. I had my first hip resurfaced in June 2017, and my second was done in January 2020.  So many people out there who want to continue to be active after hip surgery -who knew!

I like to run triathlons, and have been since 1987. I was able to complete my first tri after my first op in November 2019, unfortunately that was the end of my other hip. Rather than wait around in pain for another 5 years, I got the right hip resurfaced straight away. I have since retired (thanks CV19!) and with all this new found time I am training for a full Ironman for June 2021. My surgeon said, sure, no problem, that’s why we did hip resurfacing rather than THR.

The problem is my hips still really really hurt when I run, and I am hoping to learn from the experiences of the people in this select club what is normal, what is not? Is it too soon? It looks like there are a lot of people who run long distances, and I would very much like to know how long  it took to get up to speed for a full marathon. I see there is even an ultra-runner who has done a 100miles on his, so I am encouraged it can be done. But how??  The only way I can manage to run at the moment is to keep it slow, really slow (7.5 min per km /12 min per mile). I have managed 12km this way. The minute I go above this pace, ouch.

I have been running since about August (my second hip seemed to take a lot longer to heal), its nearly Christmas now, and June next year suddenly doesn’t seem very far away. I wouldn’t say I’m panicking, but I have just signed up a triathlon coach in Australia (I am Australian, living/  locked-down in Malaysia), and I’m hoping that he can get me to the finish line in a respectable time, but he hasn’t had his hip(s) replaced, a mandatory requirement to give proper advice I believe. I do not want to be out there doing 6 hour marathons at the end of a 15 hour day, so if there are any ‘coaching tips for wannabe Ironman runners with titanium hips’, I would love to hear them.

I look forward to many words of wisdom.


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      Hi, I have just joined HRs and this is my first post. I found your club when I was searching for long distance running after a hip op. I had my first
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      Hi Graeme, iam double hippie THR, first one October 2016 and second Sep-17.2019 i run 31 ultra/marathons and this year i have run 26 so far, reach my goal two month ago, member to club 100 maraton Sweden so over 70 ultra/maraton with THR. I run
      Marathons often in 4-5 hours. 2017 i run Budapest maraton only 38 days after my THR. My rehab was only walking swimming and cykling,never in The gym.


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      I have not been on here for months. I am 71 years old and a decent, not great runner, with 12 marathons (Boston, Chicago…), 24 half marathons, and a number of 10ks and other race distances. I had my left hip resurfaced in July 2020 and my surgeon, Dr. Gross told me that I was free to do anything after six months. So, I have been weight lifting (including for hips and legs) and running on a treadmill since January 2021. I have run on the road but the foots strikes feel too “tight” so I have returned to the treadmill. I run 8.5 minutes/mile for perhaps 1/4 mile and 10-12 m8 Yates a mile for linger distances and it has been good. A week ago I ran a sustained 3 miles at 11 minutes a mile pace and it has been really sore (especially in the front of the hip) for a week. I ceased running and rested the hip but continued to walk and do other exercises that didn’t aggravate the hip for the following days. It seems to be improving but I guess I’ll see how it goes.

      I don’t have any answers but when I read your post it sounded a bit like my issue. I’ve read that some surgeons suggest not running till 9 months post-op on a treadmill and on pavement at 12 months post-op. I think each of us is a bit different. I plan to talk to my surgeon in a few weeks, report on my status and see if he has any suggestions. I suspect it may take several more months before I can run pain free at a decent pace for distance. In the mean time I’ll try not to push as hard, mixing walking with jogs and sprints on the treadmill.

      Regardless, let me know how you are doing and if you have any advice.

      Runner (John)

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