18 Week Report

One would think that running 10 minutes slower than last year’s Bloomsday would be cause for a nervous breakdown.  Not me.  The picture above says it all.  I had a quiet goal when I jumped off of the camera truck and prepared to join the masses and run my first Bloomsday since the hip replacement.  Take it easy…..break an hour.  Well, it wasn’t quite THAT easy….but I did break the hour barrier and I felt good when I finished.  At mile 7, my hamstring started crying foul.  It held on though and even though it was tight at the finish, I survived without injury.  Day 2 after Bloomsday, and my hip has pretty much asked me to take a little time off…..I’m listening.  After all, that hip needs to be ready for Hoopfest in 2 months.  Awww optimism……love it!


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