Dear Hip Brother Tom and all,

Thought I’d poke my head back in to celebrate the 5th anniversary of my hip replacement. In making that decision, HipRunner was a key encouragement.

A brief history for recent folks: I was/am a lifelong athlete. Many marathons (2:40ish), then turned to triathlons, xc ski racing, and many years of bicycle road racing. In 2013, a very occasional nagging hip became a rapidly dysfunctional liability. How fast? In November I could run 5 miles with just modest twinges. By January I could only walk up stairs by leading with the good leg.

I went to one doc who didn’t think it was so bad and recommended PT. Naw. I found my own choice at Hospital for Special Surgery. Self-referred. I asked him, “If you replace my hip, can I run a marathon?” He said, “Sure, but why would you?” (with a wink). I then asked, “Will I be able to backpack and jump 3 or 4 feet off ledge with a 30 or 40 pound pack?” “Yes.””I mountain bike a lot. If I crash, can I break the hip?” “Yes, of course, but you’d be more likely to break the other one!” I said, “Do me.”

So on February 4th, he “did me.” Out of the hospital in 18 hours, back to work in 48 hours. Riding on wind trainer in 48 hours (for just a few, careful minutes). Didn’t run for a number of weeks due to very good advice that the implant needs to fully grow into the bone and that early jarring can lead to fibrous tissue growth.

Long story, I know, but I hope it will encourage newbies. Now, 5 years later, I have no idea that I ever had a THR. My range of motion is normal. I mountain bike nearly every day. I run once in a while. (Not more often because I’m 72 and I hate being slow.) I hike, jump, ski, play racquetball.

I remain grateful to Brother Tom for maintaining this resource, which played a part in one of the best choices I’ve ever made. So good luck everyone and please feel free to email me if I can give any additional helpful perspective. Many docs seem mired in the dark ages and continue to tell people what they can’t do. David Mayman at the Hospital for Special Surgery tells people what they CAN do.



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      Steve Nelson

      Dear Hip Brother Tom and all, Thought I’d poke my head back in to celebrate the 5th anniversary of my hip replacement. In making that decision, HipRun
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      Steve & Tom

      I’m sitting in the VA operating waiting room with my encouraging wife waiting to be called in for my first right THR. The last 40 years of running and tri’s have caught up to me. Of course I’m scared. I’ve beat prostate cancer, recovered from torn rotator surgery, and recovered from instestinal block surgery, and went on to qualify for triathlon nationals championships, Age group 64-67; and because of this wonderful site with all its encouragement and recovery stories, I am determined to come back stronger than before.

      I won’t be getting out in 18 hours. I don’t know how that possible. They plan to keep me for 2-3 days.
      Here I go
      Catch up latter

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Steve! Thanks for the post. These posts from individuals who have gotten their replacements several years ago are so important for new hiprunners who want to know….”Really, How long DO they last”. So glad to hear from you.

      Hippocampus! Good Luck to you. One day I hope that you will be putting up a post like Steve’s! Stay positive and stay optimistic through the recovery!

      Hip Brother Tom

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