Running again!?

HI and thank you for this awesome site.  I stumbled upon it about a year ago while on the couch in pain contemplating when to have my hip replaced.  I had a THR of my left hip on April 23, 2018.  I’m 55. After suffering with groin pain and throbbing since 2014 (labral tear surgery and injections in 2016) I finally found a great surgeon to do my THR. I had the Anterior approach done at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, MA. My pain is now virtually gone and I can’t say enough about the surgeon! My quality of life is back and I was walking really soon afterwards and itching to run the day after but my husband wouldn’t let me LOL.

I was cycling 3 weeks later in the gym and walking outdoors, increasing my distances each week.  I started running over the last couple of weeks (I am a week shy of 4 months post-THR) and have gone out only 3 times and for very short distances (3-ish miles). I walk/ran most of the time because in my mind I felt like it’s still too soon and mentally I was afraid of falling. I did get the go-ahead from my doc as long as it is not “my primary source of exercise”.  Well, it is really all I like to do, especially mentally (I’m sure a lot of you get it). I was fine after runs 1 and 3 but the 2nd time I went out I had a little pain the next day in the incision area. So, I am struggling with “can I do this and be OK” or will I regret not waiting 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, etc.). I do want to eventually get back to some 5k and 10k races again but will be happy to get some quality runs in for now. I run mostly on the roads but love trail runs too. Running half marathons again will be down the road but just happy to be able to get some endorphin runs in for now.  Just wondering what the consensus is on returning to running 3-4x per week. Should I give it more time? Some folks tell me I should NEVER run again as I am going to wear out the hip (really?). I would think it would take many years for this to happen – not that I want to go through another surgery.  Any advice is appreciated and thanks to all in advance and happy running to those that can.