11 Months Post THR and Still Pain

I’m 11 months post thr left hip anterior method. I’m 55 and was an avid marathon runner before surgery.

I did 12+ weeks physical therapy after the surgery and had returned to spin classes and finally some running.  Running has been touch and go…..especially lately.  5-6 months post-surgery, I had worked up slowly to 5 miles but not sure what happened, I had to back off since that.  For example, this morning I headed out for 3 miles feeling pretty good for the first half mile but, at a mile, the pain started and I had to turn around and walk home.  This has been my experiences lately with running…..it either goes really well or not.  I do a run/walk method too…fyi, this was my preferred running method even before the surgery.  I run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute.   The most amount of miles I’ve been able to run in a week now is 8…and that is 2 times a week.

I’ve had SI joint pain off/on since surgery, now sometimes pain in the thigh plus a lot of what feels like ‘surface level’ soreness when rubbing my hand up and down my thigh where the surgery scar is with a little pressure applied.  Sometimes the pain will radiate down the leg.   I’m back to taking a lot of anti-inflammatories because sometimes the pain is just not bearable.  I feel like I’m taking more of this than before I had the surgery.

Is all this normal?  When does it stop?  Are there some exercises/stretching I could do that will help?  I see my dr. next month for 1 year check up and as of right now, I have not been happy since the surgery.  I would have thought by now I would have progressed better and stopped having so much pain.  I have more pain now than before granted it’s different pain but, it is still worse to me than before the surgery.

I love this sight and reading all the success posts…..I’m just waiting for my success.  Which, it doesn’t seem like it will come.  Just feeling very discouraged.

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      I’m 11 months post thr left hip anterior method. I’m 55 and was an avid marathon runner before surgery. I did 12+ weeks physical therapy after the sur
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi DeepSea!
      This does seem a bit strange. While I admit that I didn’t start feeling close to normal until around 18 months, I certainly wasn’t feeling what you are feeling at 11 months. It may be time for another consult with the ortho to make sure the hip is healing up properly. Patience is key. This must be frustrating for you but stay optimistic. It will get better!

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      Ugh. That’s rough. It sounds like either nerve or muscular. I’m 63. Both my hips have been posterior replacements, the most recent being Left THR this past September. I remember having pain in my right hip (replaced 5-years ago) almost a year after surgery. I was re-evaluated, and started PT again to strengthen the muscles. Turned out my IT band and SI muscles were very weak. It took a few months of muscle strengthening, but eventually the pain subsided.

      Now with my left hip I’m 3-1/2 months post op and do my exercises religiously. Very little pain, and most of it is muscular. I was cleared for interval running 2 weeks ago and have worked my way up to 2 miles. 1 min. run, 5 mins fast walking. Muscle strengthening is imperative for healing and keeping the joints seeded properly.

      Another suggestion is dry needling. It’s deeper than acupuncture and is a painless procedure. Not all PT’s are certified so look around. Several needles are inserted at pain points followed by several minutes of is electrical impulses. You actually can see your muscles twitching. The purpose is to break up knots and increase blood flow. I believe it is covered by insurance in Florida and Arizona. It works wonders for arthritis too.
      Good luck and don’t give up!

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